Thursday, January 9, 2014


I was very relieved to see an "off" day on my running schedule today. I've finally caught the scourge from whomever-husband is sick, one technician at work has strep, the hanta roto-virus has been making the rounds..

I feel much better this afternoon than when I first woke up..I think I went to bed at 830pm and slept until almost 8 am.  I did beg for a doctor appointment...which is tomorrow, welcome to rural health care..

I was very frustrated at first because my running plans have disintegrated for the weekend. I WAS going over to the Laurel Highlands Trail and get in a bunch of vertical.  That is clearly out of the picture.

I will probably not run Friday and see how I feel Saturday. I do have that sick "exhaustion" feeling going on, but I did get downstairs and cleaned out the basement/treadmill room. It was disgusting, to be frank.

I'm on a decluttering kick and discovered at least 36 wine glasses..most still in boxes.  These are all going to Goodwill.  (This still leaves us with our Cinti wine glasses, probably about sixteen of these..)

 The shot glasses are going too.  We used to "collect" these, and when we had our little bar, in the Litchfield house, they were on display.  These shot glasses are still in the box from The Move 14 years ago! They are clearly not needed, and are out of here!  (That still leaves about 4 or 5 shot glasses in the kitchen shelves.)

We are getting most of our house rewired.  Our house is an old farmhouse, built in the 50's, by lumber felled on the property.  Most of the wiring is original and pretty scary. So when the bathroom light started to fritz out, we finally called the electrician and that project starts soon.

So this is a perfect time to get some remodelling done..hence my amusement with the horoscope:

With Jupiter in Cancer most of the year and opposing planets in your sign at every turn, you may find yourself knee deep in home maintenance

Back to the running...TWOT happens in about one month.  I don't feel all that great about it, but TWOT is more about endurance than speed, and I do have that.  The mental gains have also been good. So even without some longish runs, I think I should be okay for TWOT.

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