Friday, January 3, 2014

Triumph over the Sucky Day

Reasons why I rock.

Three persons call off work this morning. I manage to call one other person in, and keep the work flow going until the few people working second shift arrive.

About one hour into my work shift, I have two unexpected bathroom stops. My stomach is roiling. Am I getting the dreaded Hanta rotovirus that is going around? AND I have to work all weekend?
I get some Tums and Imodium to calm that down.

But now what can I eat, and have for lunch? My planned lunch and snacks are: dried apricots, some roasted seaweed, cut up veggies, wasabi'd dried peas.  Lunch is zero point vegetable soup, beef bulgogi and rice.  All extremely high fiber foods that I do not need to, or want to put into my little tummy at this point.

My choice is something out in town.  But I am determined to stay on my WW points.  And it has to be something easy on the stomach.  I look up the WW points for  Taco Bell, then a plain Arby's roast beef sandwich.  Then I resolve I should just go to Subway for a turkey sub.

I REALLY want a ooey goooey grilled cheese sandwich but I am determined to stay within my WW points. And I want hot chocolate. (I'm very whiny in my head about this time.)

So I go to MTO Sheetz.  I get a toasted 6 inch turkey sub with cheese.  I get a coffee with some hot chocolate stuff in it, plus some artificial sweeteners.  I DO NOT get the chips or the "Kitchen Sink" huge cookie that I want to sink my face into.

The sub and coffee is enough and my stomach handles it.

Back to work. I've given up on them and decide they can all do whatever they want.  I decide I do not want to run after work. I've had a crappy work day.

I get in my car. Nope, I can not run. But I don't like writing no run on my schedule without a good reason. Besides, I took a zero day on Monday because of a shitty work day.

A podcast rallies me.  The interviewee is saying she's worked out every day for 40 years and no, many of those days she has not enjoyed it.

Okay, I'll just get home and get my running clothes on.

I got down to the treadmill, put on "Farm Kings" and made it thru one episode.  Actually, the running was fine.  I started watching another recording, something called "The Taste" and didn't uncover the treadmill display until 4.6 miles.

4.6 miles? I can do anything for 0.4 miles.  Strangely, it doesn't even bother me.

Ha! So there.  Not only did I not let my sucky work day (and physical ailments)  undermine my eating choices for the day, but I also got my run in.

Glad I did not allow my emotional state dictate my eating and my mental attitude to dictate my work out.

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