Saturday, February 22, 2014

Change of Plans

I am not attending Reverse Ring in Virginia this weekend.  I had a dog that had to go to the specialty vet in Columbus (she's fine, it's her paw) and I had to drive her there, as the husband is also under the weather!

So, no Reverse Ring.

It's time to make lemonade out of those random lemons thrown my way!!

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It's very strange to go from the mindset of "race/run ready" to "NOPE". I sulked around a bit last night, doing the "right now I should be at Portobello" but I think I am over it.  I have a bit of a "loser" mentality going on, but honestly, it's not like I started the run and then dropped out, I was just a DNS-did not show, not a DNF-did not finish.

Weekend Plans-now I have a whole weekend to the family, here in Ohio, what to do?

Back to Weight Watchers-this is  Numero Uno.  I didn't track points the five days or so prior to TWOT and have not since TWOT.  I did manage to lose 3 pounds

Which is good, but it was just part of that seven pounds gained right after TWOT:

Perhaps this week I can get my body back to an even keel, get more fruits and vegetables back into my diet.

Running-I'm going to start running again! I had emailed my Coach yesterday and told him of my change of plans, so I should have a training schedule coming soon.  My plans for Saturday is my 11 mile loop around the area, all road. I'm looking forward to it, I haven't been in this area in a month or two. The weather should even be the 40's or so here in Ohio, that is still much better than the 13's and 19 degrees of my last outside runs!

Home work-Do I declutter more, paint the last wall in the basement?  Maybe all of the above?

Okay, time to go make a WW Friendly breakfast, have a good weekend and don't fret over what you cannot control!

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