Monday, February 17, 2014

Ignite Talk at Fitbloggin 14!

In keeping with my Word for 2014 "Reach" I had decided to attend Fitbloggin 14, in Savannah Georgia in June.

Fitbloggin also offered a chance to present an Ignite Talk, at the Keynote Address at the conference.

Since I live way off the social media bus line, I had no idea what an "Ignite Talk" was.  I quickly educated myself.  I offered up a topic as my Ignite Talk, and it was accepted!

I will be giving a Ignite Fitness Talk at Fitbloggin 14!

It does not bother me to speak in public or give a speech, I have done this plenty of times over my career. What is interesting is the presentation of an Ignite Talk.

"Enlighten us, but make it quick".

The rules of an Ignite Talk is a five minute presentation, with 20 slides.  These slides auto advance every 15 seconds.

Scott Berkun's Ignite Talk, on how give a great Ignite Talk:

I am incredibly stoked with the idea of this presentation.  I've started to watch a bunch of videos to see how others have done with the five minute format.

I've been surfing the web looking for ideas on how to write and present. I think I will do several blog posts on my progress with my presentation. 

My topic?  I pondered this a bit. I wanted it to do with running or trail running.  How to get someone out on the trails. But how to do that in five minutes?

There are many successful Ignite Talks on a bunch of somewhat strange topics, like "How to Use a Semi Colon" "Secret World of Lego" "Hacking Chocolate" "Flash Mob Gone Very Very Wrong".

My topic will be "Screw Your Shoes".  A good, useful, informative topic.  I can easily educate Fitbloggin on how to screw their shoes in five minutes!

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