Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's Been a Week?

Did you ever do one of those contemplative "one week ago  I was doing this.." after a big run?  I was doing that yesterday, and this morning.

I was at work last night, glanced at the clock about 830pm, and thought a week ago, I still descending off Little Bald Knob and Grindstone Mountain forever.  Then this morning, in my nice flannel sheets with a semi-cuddly German Shepherd dog next to me, I thought about waking up in my vehicle  and having to make a decision on a 4th loop.

I finally have a little time to myself to rest, relax and think.

I am kind of getting over my aversion to the cold weather, but I still might get my long run of 4 miles done on the treadmill today.

At the moment, I have the conclusion that many things-like other long runs-are not going to seem as difficult after that 108 mile fest.  I probably will be proven wrong. I'm not trying to be cocky about it.  At least mentally, at this time, other things don't seem as hard as that Wild Oak Trail.

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