Saturday, February 22, 2014

Race Plans for 2014

Instead of running around the beautiful mountains of Virginia, I've been cleaning house, decluttering, painting my nails (really!!! I did!!!!) and thinking about future race plans.

Already signed up/paid for:

Buzzard Day 50K March 15 Medina Ohio
Zion 100 Mile Race April 4 Virgin, Utah
Medina 1/2 Marathon (Road Race) May 31
The Barkley Fall Classic 50K   September 20 Wartburg, TN 

I have to admit that the BFC was a total impulse. I was a bit drunk, the Monday night after returning home from TWOT (or maybe it was Sunday night..) I saw an email announcing the race.  The race is on my four day weekend.  I had been contemplating the IMTUF 100 in Idaho for that weekend.  But I instantly decided it was far easier (logistically) to stay on this side of the Mississippi and run Laz' brand new race.  I can also just drive (albeit a long drive) to Wartburg, TN.

Volunteer Committments

I have a bit of volunteering weekends mixed in there-Forget the PR 50K and 1/2 marathon the weekend of April 12;  probably Laurel Highlands June 14, and volunteering at Hardrock in July! I will also be working our NEO TC Club Race, YUTC, September 15.

On the almost certain list- The Ring, August 30.  Since missing Reverse Ring, it appears I need to go back in the heat and complete this again.

I would not mind finding a long run in the East for October, November, December.  But if it a race I have to travel a long distance to, it has to engage me.  It has to be...hard...or a beautiful course, and not an out and back.  I still have not figured this one out yet! But hey, there is still all day Sunday!!

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