Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recovery and Taper

It's all wound up the same week!

I can't help it TWOT and Reverse Ring are two weeks apart.

I've run..4 days since TWOT.  All on the treadmill.  I just could not face the cold outside world.  Besides, I was recovering.

I ran on Monday, prior to work, and was really tired all day from work.  So I just down the running, and have been concentrating on getting to bed early.  I won't run again until I am in Virginia.

I'm packed now. Just one drop bag, that will be  courtesy-shuttled around Fort Valley in front of me.

Snazzy drop bag, eh? Easy to identify!

Contents of the bag?

Fuel for each section
A fresh headband for each section
Spare shoes, socks, long sleeved shirt, gloves

Full change of clothing for Camp Roosevelt.  If I start the run in shorts, I will switch to tights at Camp Roo.  I will also swap out bra and top. I have learned the wisdom of getting rid of wet top covers, you feel so much warmer without damp or wet clothing.  I will also pick up a toboggan hat, gloves.

I also have a spare set of shoes. I learned my lesson after last year's RR. 

Beta from Fort Valley says the snow should be gone, but the trails will be wet.  The MMT drains fairly well, but I know certain points will be wet-the road off Signal Knob, the climb up to Powell's Fort, Duncan Hollow Trail, etc.  I do not expect to have dry feet at all, but I would rather have the option of changing to dry socks and shoes if needed.

Goals for Reverse Ring?

Finish it. The trite answer, I know.  But really, that is it.  Barring that, I still have Gombu's splits on my hand-laminated turn sheet.  If I can run about what I did last year (without going on YELLOW) I would be well pleased with that.  (You betcha I will remember that right hand turn this year!!)

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