Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reverse Ring Plans

I am cautiously optimistic about participating in Reverse Ring 2014.

Barring household problems,  I will run RR this year.  If there are no travelling barriers, the next issue could be aid on the course.

I don't expect any aid at Powell's Fort. The road is closed in the winter-but there is water, from a spring there.

Last year, the road to Woodstock Tower was also closed. A few volunteers hiked up water and a few snacks.  It would be a good idea to expect the same this year-make sure you are carrying enough calories until Edinburg Gap.

There will be aid at Edinburg and Moreland Gap, easily accessible road sections. Crisman Hollow could also be "iffy".  Stephanie Wilson has hiked aid in the last two years, but it would also behoove a runner  to go from mile 29 to 46 without aid.

Camp Roo will be the full blown aid station and the last guaranteed aid before Signal Knob parking lot.  There could be aid hiked in, also at the Veach Gap Motel.  I've always been out of water and grateful for a new snack by the time I've hit Veach Gap, with ten miles to go.

I'm debating "packs" again. I may wear my Ultraspire pack, with the two bottles, and carry a handheld. It could be in the 40's and 50's in Virginia this weekend, and that is way above normal temperatures for me. I don't want to get dehydrated!

I am then thinking of changing packs at Camp Roosevelt-switch to a bladder system, and pick up  my hiking poles for the last 25 miles of trail.

I will get my gear/clothes/snacks organized on Wednesday. It will be much less difficult than four unsupported loops by myself!  All I have to pack is one drop bag, plan out snacks, and clothes.

It is also time to start watching the weather reports again!

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