Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seeya, January! Don't let the door hit you!

January Recap

There's a reason everyone dreads January. The fun holiday season is over, everyone is on a diet, and

THE WEATHER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonetheless, I sucked it up and got outside for quite a few runs.  Every time I did it, it was with the understanding that "TWOT weather could be just like this.  Good training to get used to it now."

I am loving my face mask these days

Miles run in January:  170.7  Missed a few sessions this month, a few due to being sick, and a few sessions where I just couldn't bare to get on the treadmill.

142 miles outside, 28.7 on the treadmill. Looking at my log, miles actually "enjoyed"? 27.  Sheesh. It's a good thing I like to train!!

In order to set yourself up for a race, sometime you just have to get in the miles. Although I didn't "enjoy" most of my runs in January, I was satsified with 98% of them.  It was all about getting the runs in, choosing right clothes for the conditions, and frankly, getting my ass outside, in the cold, and doing it.

What other goals did I achieve, or "reach" for in January?

11. Paint the hallway and hang my running T-shirt quilt on the wall

With the house rewiring going to happen, I actually painted a wall in the basement.  Now my running T-shirt quilt can go on the wall downstairs, as planned.  I can't paint the remaining wall, as it is the outside wall-and it hasn't been above 20 degrees for most of the month of January.

12. Organize my photos-whoops, this probably could be lumped under #1- doing much better at this! Took a bunch of pics, they are in my January 2014 folder. Also sorted some older photos.

14. Declutter my house, room by room, area by area-I have only just begun this task!  We got rid of at least 48 wineglasses, and our shotglass collection.  I have a big bag of clothes ready to discard. Oh yeah, and I threw out a whole bunch of electrical cords to stuff! They've been hanging in my office for a few years, and never used.  A few were chargers to digital cameras that have long since died.  Out they go!!

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