Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cincinnati Run Around

The schedule called for a 10 miler on Sunday..but I knew I was going to be busy all day Sunday so I changed it over to Saturday.

We were also in Cincinnati for the   Wine Festival.  It's always a bit of a challenge to run after a night of indulging.

I asked for some feedback on the inter web for a route in the downtown area for a run.  I decided to mimic the first ten miles of the Flying Pig Marathon.

(I had a bit of FOMO going on. While perusing the Pig web site, I idly thought about signing  up for the Pig again, as it is not sold out yet.  Then I resisted that urge.I think part of it is I need to be around runners soon.)

I left the Hyatt Regency and followed some random runners down toward Sawyer's  Point.  In fact, I just kept following them and ended up running down on Riverside Drive, on the bike path designated on the road.  As a country mouse runner, I was a bit nervous about running in a city.

After 3 miles, I turned around and ran back.  I then took the Purple People Bridge over to Newport.

I was using the  Map My Run app on the phone, as my Garmin had died.  On  Friday, I thought I had downloaded the first 10 miles of the Flying Pig marathon route on my phone, but did not see it.  Now, all of a sudden, I saw the purple line of the marathon route on my map route! Sweet!

A view from the Purple People Bridge back at the Serpentine Wall.

Obligatory selfie on the bridge

In Newport, I was able to use the Map My Run app to jump back onto the Flying Pig route.  This takes the runners over the Licking River.

Nice view of the Natti from Kentucky

At first, when I glanced into the river, I saw this bunch of trash floating on a platform.  But when I looked further, I saw paddles, and realized this was gear from a rowing club.

I ran by this big ass bell.  I didn't know what it was at the time,but figured I could just google it:

The Newport, Kentucky, World Peace Bell is one of more than twenty Peace Bells around the world. It weighs 33,285 kg (73,381 lb) and is 3.7 m (12 feet) wide. From 2000 until 2006, it was the largest swinging bell in the world. It was dedicated on December 31, 1999, and was first swung as the year 2000 opened. In keeping with its theme of world peace, the bell features an inscription commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and engravings marking important events from the past 1,000 years.

Nice view of the Covington Courthouse. In Covington, I pretty much kept hitting the red lights at the wrong time, so my pace per mile (as the woman announced on my App) went from a 10-something mile, to a 12-something mile.  Besides, I had to stop and take photos.

Pretty cool views of Cincinnati from Kentucky.

Once back in Ohio, I was about mile 9, so I just ran around downtown, found Jean-Robert's Table, where we had dinner Saturday night.  There was alot of traffic (for a country mouse) so I  had taken out my single ear-bud at this time.

A pretty nice run, but I feel for you city runners. It has to tough to live in a city and constantly watch for traffic, both pedestrian and vehicles.  I'm back in the country where I might encounter one vehicle on my run around the block today!

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