Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fall Race Plans!

Flashback to last post..

"I would not mind finding a long run in the East for October, November, December.  But if it a race I have to travel a long distance to, it has to engage me.  It has to be...hard...or a beautiful course, and not an out and back."

Luckily someone  posted on the VHTRC Facebook page about the Uwharrie 100 Race, being held on Oct 18& four day weekend from, no vacation days needed..

It's on the Uwharrie Trail, a hard and difficult course.  This is where the Uwharrie 40 Mile Race is, held in February, which sells out in minutes these days.

So I am IN!  I've got my fall 100!  Challenging and tough! Whoop! Right up my alley!

The Ring is a definite go.  Uwharrie has similiar terrain from what I have read via 40 miler race reports.

I am not sure of the Barkley Fall Classic at this time, but that is a long time off right now.

Okay, back to concentrating on my SPRING 100 race, the Zion 100 coming up rather soon!!

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