Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting Stuff Done

Today was my day off. Since I did not have to drive to Columbus and back (five hours out of the day) I was able to get some items accomplished:

1) Some seeds start.  "Biker Billy" Jalapeno,  "Ristra" Cayenne Peppers.  I found the seed starting medium, the pots, and managed to make it happen.  The pots are now sealed into plastic bags, on the heating pad.  They will take 10-21 days to germinate.  No, the plant room did not get cleaned up, I just cleaned off one shelf and made do.

2) Running stuff-washed out six water bottles.  I wash these with bleach and detergent, no they don't reek to me.  Now that there is a utility tub (with water) in the plant room, it's a great place to toss bottles until they build up.

3) 11 Mile Run Done-should have been twelve, but I didn't do the little "out and back" needed when I got to the top of my 1.5 mile hill climb.  I also have to say, I run all these hills these days-no need to walk. Very happy with how far I have come in the last two years with running.  I know it is both running consistency with body improvement and also more mental attitude training.  I had a good night of sleep (that has been way lacking lately) and the run was very good, good energy throughout.

4) Got the dogs out for their walk. Check.

4) Packed for the Zion 100 Race

I have two days off, from work, until I leave for Zion on March 31. One of those days is tomorrow, Sunday; the next will be Thursday.  I will spend six hours on Thursday driving to Columbus and back-hence, not really a day off.

So today was my day to plan, organize, and actually pack.

Snacks for the drop bags
After successfully completing my run, I got the kitchen table cleaned off with room to assemble my drop bags.  There are plenty of aid stations on the course, but I also always plan on my own nutrition.

I am flying to Utah (via Las Vegas) so I need to bring everything with me.  I have my lists writtened; my drop bags, my clothes for not running, my shoes, my recovery-flying home clothes.

I will carry on my race clothes (and wear my running shoes) in my carry on bag.  Actually, with flying in three days prior to the race, even if the airline totally loses my bag, I do have enough time to shop and re-supply myself.  But at least I would have my race day clothes and shoes.

So I've got the suitcase packed with almost everything. I have some running clothes still drying; I will still need to use my hydration pack and shoes this week.  Almost everything has been crossed off the list.

5) Packed my Aid Station Tote for the "Forget the PR" Trifecta Weekend

I will fly home Sunday, after the Zion 100, and immediately jump back into my work schedule. My day off this week will be Tuesday.  While I don't have to worry about my running schedule-the coach tells me to take it easy, what ever I like, I do need to be prepared for two days of volunteering at "Forget the PR" weekend, which will be April 12 & 13!

Whew! And that was just Saturday!

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