Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Not So Long Long Run

I was looking forward to my 20 miler.  I was a bit envious of all the Saturday FB posts and twitters about everyone's 50K and 100K races.

Then Sunday arrived.  And I was 100% unmotivated for my run.

Originally I was going to run to town and back. As the morning wore on, I decided I really didn't want to run to town.   So I cobbled together Plan B, run a 10 mile loop, then divert down another side road for 10 more miles.

I finally dragged myself out the door at noon. It was thirty degrees and windy. I felt like I gritted my teeth and went.

The run sucked. I was coaxing myself along, mile by mile, trying to focus on my podcasts.  I had already made the decision to not run to town, and turned on the side road.

The wind hit me straight on.  Oh GOOD.  Not only was I in the valley, on the road that steadily went uphill, now I am fighting into the wind.

I run on, hunched over.  I can feel how stressed and tight I am, my upper body is still tense and sore hours later.

I take another gel, this time a Salted Caramel GU.  I listen to a podcast where David Horton is interviewed.  But that is still not enough to motivate me. I think about having to report the shorter distance to the Coach. That still doesn't help.

At mile ten, where I could either run another 10, I decide to head on home. 13.1 miles will have to do.  Not a very satisfying run.  At least I got to 13 miles.

Tomorrow is a new week.  It appears that we might be having slightly warmer weather.  I appear to be finally over my head cold.  How many days until spring?

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