Thursday, March 27, 2014

Support Glam Runners! And Girls on the Run!

This broke across my Facebook page this afternoon.  I was pretty cheesed off about it:


Photo: Excited to see our tutus in SELF Magazine ... but shocked to see that running tutus are classified as lame. Especially considering the fact that this picture is from last year's LA Marathon when Glam Runner founders Tara and Monika ran together as superheroes ...  because Monika was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and was running a marathon in the middle of a year of chemo.ll

"A San Diego runner and cancer survivor says she was snubbed by a popular women's magazine that used a photo of her wearing a tutu to make fun of the fitness fashion trend. 
Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from SELF magazine asking for permission to use a photo that showed her running the LA marathon dressed as Wonder Woman and wearing a tutu in an upcoming issue.
But when the April issue came out, Allen said she was “stunned and offended.”
The picture appears in a section of the magazine called “The BS Meter," with a caption that refers to a "tutu epidemic" and basically makes fun of the women's outfits, she said.

Allen said the photo was "really offensive for a couple of reasons." The marathon came right in the middle of chemotherapy, and she says the outfit gave her motivation.

“The reason we were wearing those outfits is because this was my first marathon running with brain cancer,” Allen explained.

Another reason was that she made the tutu herself. Her company Glam Runners makes them and donates the money to Girls on the Run, a charity that sponsors exercise and confidence-building programs for young girls. She said she's raised about $5,600 for the nonprofit by making about 2,000 tutus over the past three years.

SELF did apologize.

In a statement to NBC 7, SELF apologized "for the association of her picture in any way other than to support her efforts to be healthy."
"Of course if tutus make you run with a smile on your face or with a sense of purpose or community, then they are indeed worth wearing, for any race," the statement read.

My thoughts?

FUCK YOU SELF Magazine.  I wonder if whatever lame-oo  that is in charge of the "BS  Meter" has ever run a marathon.

I haven't bought your magazine in years, let alone read one edition. It's all regurgiated bullshit with photo shopped women, with impossibly long torsos, telling us women that we can look like them if we just follow the simple workouts and diet plans-that repeat, ad nauseum, issue after issue.

If a woman (OR A MAN) wants to run in a tutu, more power to them. We don't know anybody's back story on why they are wearing what they are wearing.    Monika was in the middle of chemotherapy for brain cancer.  And running her first marathon!  SHE IS WONDER WOMAN!!

Anyways, if you are a subscriber of Self magazine, well, good for you. But after you read 4-6 issues of the magazine, it all just repeats back on itself.

I'm not saying boycott Self magazine, cuz I haven't read it in years.

But what you should do?  Go check out Glam Runner.  Give them a LIKE on Facebook.

Go Support Girls on the Run.  You don't know what that is?  Well, google it, I don't have time to write a blog post about what an awesome organization I think it is.

Edited to Add: This was just posted to FB also this afternoon:

On behalf of SELF, we sincerely apologize for our inadvertent insensitivity. I have personally reached out to Monika and her supporters online to apologize for the misstep and tell them we are trying to remedy the situation. At SELF we support women such as Monika; she is an inspiration and embodies the qualities we admire. We have donated to her charity and have offered to cover her good work in a future issue. We wish her all the best on her road to good health.

Most sincerely,

Lucy Danziger

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