Friday, March 7, 2014

Today's Run

Today's run did NOT suck.  That makes it stand out a bit, lately.

I've been getting in some treadmill runs. But yesterday, for some reason, I thought the Great Guernsey Trail (an asphalt bike trail) would be clear.

So after work, I don my clothes, my road shoes, and get over to the parking lot.  The bike path is covered in snow. Well, okay, maybe my road shoes can deal with that.  But then, when the trail is clear from snow, the sun has melted the snow-and refroze-so it is totally slick.

My fault. I could have grabbed the screwed shoes. But I didn't.  I bailed after one mile, and just got back to the vehicle. I tried to talk myself into 4 miles on the treadmill, to make my six miles of running scheduled but *couldn't*.

Fast forward to today.  It was a predicted high of 40 degrees. I swore early I was not going for a run until the temperature hit 35 F.  It hit 35  right about noon.

I was still struggling with the runner's mojo.  So I had a bowel of Ramen noodles about 1130, with an egg and some peanut butter thrown in.  While it got my blood sugar engaged, the first four or six miles were pretty sluggish due to my body trying to digest all those calories..

 I had to pause and take a pic. This is just past the Amish lumberyard and Eli's house.  This is truly picturesque in warm weather months.

Just past here, the road winds down and I hop back on the state route. It leads me past Peoli Cemetery, so I stop to look at several gravestones

and to see what has been left by Cy Young's grave lately:

There are usually quarters and baseballs left.  That is a Cleveland Indians ballcap and a veteran's cap also left there today.

It's a beautiful cemetery. The deceased have the best view of the valley.

I continue on up SR 258.  These haystacks have been reaped in the traditional Amish fashion (this is Amish community I am running through).  Cy Young's house is on this road.   I wanted to snap a pic, but the farmhouse has really deteriorated.  Amish folks own it now, and they don't even live in it. It's become a storage facility and maybe chicken coop.

It was a good run. If it had been a little less windy, it might have even been warm!  I ran all the hills (which means I ran the entire time).  I've had a bit of a mini break through in fitness I think, being able to run up all my local  hills.

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