Tuesday, April 1, 2014

14 Things I want to Accomplish in 2014-1st Quarter Wrap up

1. Take a picture each month and store them somewhere I can find them!-I am doing so much better at this. I have new folders, labelled Jan2014, Feb2014, March14.  If these are random photos that don't belong anywhere else, they go into the month folder.

2. Finish TWOT-well I did it. The 17th finish of TWOT.  Hardest task I have ever accomplished. Still muling over things learned during.

3.  Write a letter to the future me-haven't done it yet.  Need to, the future me will be here before long!

4.  Get to my goal weight-still working on it.  Two pounds down, four pounds up, I just keep working!

5. Get into a routine with yoga-haven't even started.

6, Finish Reverse Ring-with events beyond my control, I was a DNS-did not start.  I was two hours from leaving home, and events popped up that I needed to stay home to attend to.

7. Finish Zion 100-three days to go!

8. Have a day at the spa for myself-yes, I still need to do this!

9. Go on a solo adventure-would Angels Landing at Zion National Park count?

10. Run a sub 26 minute 5K-summer goal

11. Paint the hallway and hang my running T-shirt quilt on the wall-this actually changed since we are very slooowly getting our house rewired.  I now have overhead lights in the downstair room where the treadmill is. This means I can remove the ugly wall sconces and hang my quilt on this wall.  I still need to apply one more coat of paint to the outside wall.

12. Organize my photos-whoops, this probably could be lumped under #1

13. Expand and promote my blog-well, maybe by today my blog may have a Facebook page. I have always felt a little "weird" about that, but it appears most bloggers have a FB page.  I have also been trying to interact more on  Twitter with Fitbloggin participants.

14. Declutter my house, room by room, area by area-yes, slowly and sure, we are getting rid of stuff!

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  1. Great to read about your goals, Kimba. I, too, have wondered about a Facebook page for my blog but I'm not sure the use of it. I've gone back and forth on that one but ultimately, I believe I write for me more than anyone else. I honestly don't know if people even read my words, much, but the blog provides that vehicle to get them out. Who knows...maybe I should...maybe I shouldn't. I wish you the very best at Zion...I bet it's going to be incredibly beautiful. Jealous...just a tiny bit. :)


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