Friday, April 4, 2014

Drop Bags for Out of Town Races

Driving to an out of town ultra is pretty easy.  If it is your own vehicle, and it's all your space, you get to throw every single bit of running gear you own into the vehicle with you.

Flying out of town is a bit trickier.  You need to think about what you want to bring, and what you could possibly purchase once you land.  You also want to think about the airlines losing your luggage, and what you want to carry on the plane.

In my carry on bag, I bring my running clothes, and my hydration pack.  This trip, I wore my race shoes-Hoka Bondi B's.  If I wasn't wearing them, they would be in my carry on bag.  This way I have the absolute minimum that I need for the race.  I could always find a store to buy spare clothes, food, even a head lamp.

Flying to a race makes you pare down what you need for the race. I had my bags pretty much pre-packed. With the Zion 100, I hit three aid stations multiple times.  I have my separate "visits" in plastic bags labelled.

Then you hope your luggage arrives at the same airport that you fly into.  I was hoping TSA would not confiscate my Ultragen recovery powder.  Although they did inspect the somewhat weird contents of my suitcase, they did leave my Ultragen.

I have my drop bags labelled with the Aid Station Name and my name.  As of Thursday, pre-race, I still don't know my bib number, which is a tiny nuisance, but oh well.  I actually brought my own Sharpie to add this at check in!

And they are packed!

I hope Olga and Coach would least they would of the Virgin Dam Drop bag, it's the tiny one up front.

If you are reading this on Friday, April 4, I am out running! My race starts at 6am MT!!!

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  1. Kim, all the best to you in the race!!! Totally approve! :) Looking forward reading details!


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