Sunday, April 27, 2014

My next race

My next race is the Medina Half Marathon  May 31.

I'm kind of stoked about it. I am even planning to train for it this month of May!

December 2011, I ran the Ashland 1/2 Marathon. It was just a training run. I was happy with my 2.10

November 2013:  I ran the Berlin 1/2 marathon. Much hillier than Ashland, also trained thru it but with exactly the same result 2.10!!  Although pleased with the results, on a much tougher course, I was a bit chumped to see exactly the same time.

Guess what I am gearing to do for the Medina Half?  You got it, break 2.10. and hopefully a little bit better? 2.05 would be great. And a sub-two?? Well, let's start the training first and see.

I am a pretty smart person, but when it comes to some basic running "thinking" I'm a pretty dumb runner. I had the epiphany:  I should run at my race pace or faster while training for this half-marathon. Shortly after this thought, the email showed up from the Coach, he thought the same way too-but he provided a bit more structure and instructions.

I was thinking about the run schedule at work, and had a bit of a panicked moment-I'm in the middle of six work days straight, which are 10 hour days, stressful, that sucks my will to live at points. Trying to add a quality "speed session" in on these days-luckily, I checked running schedule vs working schedule, and Coach made it all work.  That's the benefit of having a coach!

Power to weight ratio-it goes without needing to be written, getting these ten or fifteen pounds off will help me without any extra training get faster.  Perhaps I need to make myself a motivational sign of "FREE SPEED"  and the numbers "10" under it..

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