Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zion National Park Emerald Pool Trails and Riverside Walk

After my second breakfast, I decided to take a little break and ride the shuttle and go watch the 22 minute movie about Zion at the Zion Human History Museum.  My other planned hike for the day was Riverside Walk, and if the river wasn't too high, hike up the Virgin River, called The Narrows.

When I got back on the shuttle I was surprised to find it packed!  Apparently my early morning rides of empty shuttle buses were not the norm.

I decided to hike up the Emerald Pools Trails, thinking they would not be too taxing and that would kind of fall under "taking it easy".

The weather was still kind of nice, about 50 or so, but not warm enough to take off the jacket.

This was a much more populated trail.  When I started up the West Rim Trail, at 8am, there was just four other people ascending.  I saw more ascending as I was heading down.  With all the people, with children, it was pretty slow going. I amused myself by seeing how many people were inappropriately dressed for the trail.


See how the blue sky has disappeared?  There was a 60% chance of rain predicted.  This is the desert, people, why rain??  I kept my eyes on the clouds.  The rain prediction was why I wanted to ascend Angels Landing first thing in the morning.

 It has cooled off more as I get back to the shuttle bus  stop, and I ride the bus to the last stop, The Temple of Sinawava.  This leads to Riverside Walk, which is a one mile paved path which ends at the Virgin River, where one can hike The Narrows.

It starts to rain, then turns to SNOW as I get off the shuttle bus!  It's very windy through here.  I don my jacket, my YUTC buff, headband, and gloves.  I start briskly up the Walk, as it will be warmer to walk than just stand there.

 I get to the end of Riverside Walk and walk down by the  river and take a couple of pictures.

Like Angels Landing, I debate my choice.  The water is not the cold.  But do I want scramble through the water, trying to stay upright, and  then have wet feet for the shuttle ride back to my car?  Again, I make the decision in favor of saving energy for my race.  I'm already a little tired, I should be retiring from walking for the day.  So I turn, and end my Zion Day.  My Garmin logged 10 miles-when it had a signal, which it constantly bleeped out in the canyons.

I was able to have some guilt free chili cheese fries at the Zion Brew Pub, always nice to have a snack and a beer at the end of the trail!

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  1. So jelly. What a gorgeous place! Good luck in the race!


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