Saturday, May 3, 2014

Highbanks Run

I was in Columbus today, and had a five mile run on the schedule. It worked out well that I was in the northern end of Cbus, and Highbanks Metro Park was conveniently near by.

Highbanks is named for its massive 100-foot high shale bluffs that tower over the Olentangy State Scenic River.

 I started down the Coyote Run Trail, as this is the way Mikey and I ran many moons ago.

 What is this peaking through the trees at me? A SKYLINE CHILI?? You are kidding me. It's a good thing I had no money with me.  I would have crashed thru the trees, hopped across the road and  happily been eating cheese coney  than running!
 I know this doesn't look like much, but it is an Adena Burial Mound.

Hmm, "it was reconstructed by the Metro Parks in 1989".   So they got the bulldozer out, and heaped up some dirt in this spot??

 Anyways, back to running.  It was a cold not very pretty spring day around noon, there were not many people out.
Pretty views to the creek down below.
 I wandered down the scenic River Trail.  The Olentangy River is way over its banks!!

 I was amused to see a turkey cross the trail.  He's in there, although you can't see him. Or maybe her.
It was a nice little run.  I just wandered all over the place, hitting some asphalt trails, consulting the little maps to see where I was at, made it back to my vehicle at the Nature Center in around five miles.

My other goal on Friday  was to get rid of all this coinage.  I went to my local big box store-the kiosk said it was full! Of course!
 So I dragged the coins to Cbus and visited the near by Giant Eagle.  How much did I get?

This was the husband's jar. He had much more silver than me.  His jar totaled 58.45

Mine was mainly pennies.  They had been sitting in a more decorative jar for year. Time to declutter and cash them in.  My haul? 18.16.   Enough to order some sushi rolls to go for my post run meal!

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