Thursday, May 29, 2014

Race Prep Time!

I have a race this weekend!  The Medina Half Marathon!

The "Bee Theme" is because Medina is the home place of  A.I. Root, a prominent bee-keeper and candle maker.  The candle factory is still in business today, and his book on bee-keeping is still the industry standard.  The local high school are the "Medina Bees" and there is a middle school called "A.I Root".   (I know all this because I grew up in the next town over.)

Race Goals

C Goal-finish the race of course! Always my goal! Also first goal is to beat my 2011 AND 2013 half-marathon times of 2.10!!!!

I think Medina might be a better place to better my 1/2 marathon times.  My last two half-marathon profiles:

The Medina Half Marathon Course Profile:

B Goal-run under 2.10.  I would be very happy to run a 2.05 to 2.01

A Goal-run a sub 2 hour 1/2  marathon! Can I do this?  My little secret:  I have not run under a sub two half marathon since my first one in 2004!

My first half marathon was in Athens, Ohio. I think I ran a 1.59 or 1.58 (can't remember!!)  in April 2004.
Then I ran the Presque Island Half in July 2004 and was very disappointed to run a 2.03!
I tried again at the Parkersburg Half in August-a 2.01.20!!

In 2005, I believe I ran about six 1/2 marathons, still chasing the elusive sub two.  (This was before I discovered trail running.)  Of course, I can't speak for my training methods at the time, I'm pretty sure I just got out there and ran.

I have been prepping for this race. I've been doing speedwork every week.  My "free speed" mission had a bit of success: I've lost 2 of the 10 pounds that I wanted to lose!

They will have pace groups at this race. A pace group is a runner, the leader of the group, who is going to maintain their pace consistently to deliver the runners across the finish line in their target time, such  as a 1.30 finish time, a 2 hour finish time, a 3 hour finish time.  There is a 2.10 pacer, and a 2.00 pacer.  I am going to line up behind the 2.00 pacer, and see how that feels.

I've learned a little bit about pacing the last few years, even in ultras.  You can expend less energy following someone in a race. If someone is running at your targeted pace, you can simply tuck in behind and concentrate on the running.

I will carry a hand held water bottle. The course seems like it will be well stocked with water stations, but I find it easier to carry my bottle half-full and drink on my own schedule.  I can also get the water down my throat while still running, without having to stop.

I will carry one or two gels with me. I won't eat much breakfast day of race, as I do not want to make any bathroom stops.  I will probably eat a York Peppermint  Patty at the start of the race, and one gel around mile 4 (the Hill is  at mile 5) and maybe one a bit later.

So that's the plan! Sub Two hour!!   Bee seeing you!!!!

Bee Ideas

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