Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Best Run Ever

Maybe I exaggerate a bit.  Best run ever for June 2014!

It was 98% humidity, the pollen count was off the charts, and the trails were a muddy mess for the most part.

I was very happy.

The trees and shrubs are now lush and green, it's almost tropical in aspects after our brown and white winter.

I didn't care that I was completely soaked through, with sweat and errant contact with scratchy shrubs and rosebushes.  I was not wearing tights and wind pants, two shirts and a mask to breath through.

It will get warmer out, the humidity will soon suck my will to live, but today I had a magical morning to play on the trails.  That's enough!


  1. 98% humidity! Yuk! That's what we have here, and I do not call it "best run" ever once summer arrives...I also don't have nice big trees around, things that may potentially put me in a good mood once we do hit some crazy temps and humidity:)

  2. I am with you 100%. After this past winter, I embrace the heat, humidity and lush green foliage!


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