Sunday, June 8, 2014

Follow Up to Saturday's Clocks Post

I'm so glad I wrote that.

I did have a stormy internal weather going into Saturday. Like my day was already ruined and I had not even started it.

I had a great Saturday. I listened to podcasts about blogging and gained some knowledge on my drive into Columbus.

I visited my dog and she was very happy and active.

I got out for my 10 mile run about 3 pm-not the best time of day to start a rather long run, but I did it, at High Banks Park in Columbus.

I treated myself at Skyline Chili afterwards-it was awesome. I went to college in Cincinnati and have been a Skyline fan ever since. But I only get an opportunity to have Skyline once or twice a year!

I glanced at my watch and saw it was 4.30 pm, and I still wanted to stop at Kohls, to look at some summer clothing options for myself.  Instead of feeling guilty; I had told the husband I would be gone all day-I just said to myself "well, I will be home closer to 630 or 7pm today."  And I went shopping for a short time, bought myself a few summer clothing options. Then I loaded more podcasts that I wanted to listen to, and drove home.

I got home in time to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with the husband on the lawn looking at our back forty.  I wasn't stressed out with the whole trip to Columbus; and didn't fret about the "time wasted".

I truly had a great 17684 day!

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  1. ugh, those 3 pm runs are tough. I'm jealous, have heard of Skyline Chili but never experienced it.


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