Saturday, June 14, 2014

Home Remodel: The First in the Series

Our house is a 70 year old farmhouse. It was built from trees felled and milled on the property. We believe the bathroom was added later. We're grateful that it did have running water. Most of the electrical wiring of the house was the old cloth variety.

After turning on the light switch in the bathroom and smelling smoke last winter, it was time to get the house rewired. Note I said last winter. Our house rewiring is finally done. Our electrician came out sporadically, sometimes not for two weeks. The only reason it is done because I threw a fit about this.

 The drywall portion will begin. I don't know when, because we first have to find someone to drywall.




But it's not that easy,because most of our walls are NOT drywall.  They are plaster walls, which means when a section is replaced with drywall, the two segments won't be the same width, so the new drywall will probably need to be shimmed up.

Oh well, at least I have one victory in remodelling: BATHROOM!

No holes were punched into the walls in the bathroom.  Since the old storage unit was removed for the electrician's work, I finally had the opportunity to repaint the bathroom!  Nothing fancy, just a fresh coat of white paint.

I also got a new light fixture.  I've always hated this 1980's light:

I also got rid of the fake gold towel holder too.

  I need to apply one more layer of paint, clean the bathroom, then it will be ready for my custom Amish sink vanity and storage unit!

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