Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day!

I didn't run far today, just ran the road "around the block" which is 4 miles.  My pictorial of the run follows:

Currently the road I live on is closed due to a "slip".  This is where the hillside collapses, taking the road with it.

View from the top of the hill.  Now I turn and run a 1/2 mile downhill.
I remember why I don't usually run in this direction, I'm not really warmed up and can't take a big advantage of the downhill.
Down on the valley floor, it's almost flat like around here.

A  little early morning fog that has not gotten burned off yet.

The abandoned house on the corner. I think the neighbor on the opposite corner keeps mowing the lawn so it is not such an eyesore.  All the windows are broken out. I won't be surprised when it burns to the ground.
The barn that goes with the abandoned farmhouse.
I turn back onto my state route, still in the valley. Notice the wide berm at the side.  This is why I don't run on the state route very often.

Starting up the 1/2 mile hill (on the other side of the valley)

I've crested the hill, turned, and now will run down into the hollow and back up again.

View from the highest point, then down a hill again

This is a deer superhighway, their route going uphill next to the road

And over my last little hill, home again! 4.5 miles, ran it very easy, a great morning for a run!

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