Monday, June 23, 2014

Planning for Fitbloggin!!

Fitbloggin 14 is this weekend!  What is Fitbloggin? "For bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle. Two days of education, networking, friendship and fun."

This year Fitbloggin is in Savannah Georgia, a city that I have not visited before.  There will be both workout sessions and informative sessions mixed together.

My planned agenda: (which could change!!)


6 AM Early bird Workout: Bootcamp- this seems like a great idea to wake up the body and be a ice breaker first thing in the morning

8-9 AM: Small Group Discussion: Blogging over 40.  Looking at pics of past conventions, I am acutely aware I believe I am 10 or 15 years old than most attendees. I could be wrong.  I was tickled to see this discussion.  I was blogging before Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  (Do you know people have degrees and jobs in social media these days??)

930-1030 AM: Small Group Discussion: How Very Pinteresting!  I only have a few boards on Pinterest.  I know it's a very powerful tool to use and I could use more education on what the heck to do with it.

130-245 Pm So You Want to Start Podcasting.  I  had a podcast, way back in 2007.  However, I was more of a co-host on the show, Andrew did all the recording and editing.  I've been interested in starting a new podcast in years.  It has finally occurred to me that technology has come a long way in 7 years-perhaps it is easy to start a podcast.  I even have a niche to fill: female endurance athletes. I also have a domain name purchased.

3-415 pm  Podcasting Tips and Tricks- Good! Another podcasting session!

6PM: Ignite Talks! Oh boy, I am on the agenda!  I was selected to give an Ignite Talk.


6 AM- Yoga.  I've never attended a yoga class.  I am very flexible for an ultra runner.  This should be fun.

8-9 AM Small Group D iscussion Balancing Your Blogging without Losing Yourself

930-1030 Zumba-Yes, another activity I have never  done before!

1030-1pm  FREE TIME.  I am going to go run the Savannah Squares.  I guess I better eat well before the Zumba session.

1-215 pm Media Kits and More: The Art of being Booked  As I don't even have a media kit (and it's not going to happen this week) this should be very informative and helpful

230-345 pm  Put your Finger on (re)Branding

4-515 pm-Positioning Yourself to Make Monetization, Sponsorship and Growth More Efficient, Effective and Purposeful

7am  Fun Run-5k & 10K routes-Coach has me running 6 miles or so on Friday and Saturday, off Sunday.  The Friday run is not going to happen, so I will switch that up to Sunday, so a 10K will be good. I plan on just running to hang out with other Fitbloggers.

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  1. Wow, you're really venturing out there! Looking forward reading the recap!


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