Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer is HERE!!

It's here. FINALLY.  I really had trauma from this past winter.  Summer humidity (and heat) have arrived here in the midwest.  I have been struggling with it through runs.  But I am determined (so far) not to whine about it. I remember very vividly-wearing tights AND wind pants; two layers of clothes; and a mask, just to get a run in.

I think picture # 2 looks much better!!

I did my long run, 14.5 miles on roads here.  The initial plan was to drive to Mohican, but then domestic life changed things; we went to Amish land to find our bathroom vanity and storage bookcase were not ready.  So I got out on my run at 1130 am.  Not the greatest time of day to go for a run.  Insert "Reason # 375 why you have a Coach" here.  Accountability.  It works for me.  I ran from 1130 to 130 pm; it worked well on my summer tan. I was actually hotter when I stopped running, realizing how drenched I was.

 I had not run through Gilmore in quite some time.  Some of the condemned houses were gone; some were still standing.

I took a left onto Gravel Lick Road and heard barking! Those dogs were still there! Two dogs live on the corner, labs of some color.  They've aged over the years but I was delighted to still see them there, white on the snout, but still barking at me.

I got home about 130 pm.  I showered and then got out to the garden to re-tie the tomatoes and prune them. I thought about weeding the garden (it really needs it) but then the sun re-emerged from the clouds and I decided to retreat to the house. Yay! One day off without over-doing it.

I am really looking forward to summer. Next week is Fitbloggin! in Savannah, definitely outside of my comfort zone, and then, about a week later, I am off to Camp Hardrock!!!  Spectating, volunteering, pacing, at my most favorite race ever!!


  1. Have a wonderful time at FitBloggin!

  2. I love summer. I love the long days, and I love the heat. Yes, the humidity is less welcome but I love hot nights where you can sit out in your tank top and shorts. In California, the moment that sun starts to sink, you gotta grab a sweater!
    Have a blast in Savannah and at Hardrock. I bet the volunteering and pacing will be an incredible adventure, just like the race.


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