Tuesday, July 1, 2014

14 in 2014 2nd Quarter Wrap Up

1. Take a picture each month and store them somewhere I can find them!  I now routinely do this! That was an easy habit to establish!

2. Finish TWOT-DONE!

3.  Write a letter to the future me-haven't done it yet.  

4.  Get to my goal weight-nope. I've been eating poorly, I need to hop back on the wagon with some clean eating.

5. Get into a routine with yoga-haven't even started.

6, Finish Reverse Ring-DNS.  I think I could just change this to Finish  The Ring 2014!

7. Finish Zion 100-Boom, done, thirty hours and change.

8. Have a day at the spa for myself-I got a spa day! Massage, pedicure and a good haircut!  That was much needed!

9. Go on a solo adventure-I hiked around Angels Landing. I'm also going to CoI'lorado by myself in a few days,

10. Run a sub 26 minute 5K-summer goal

11. Paint the hallway and hang my running T-shirt quilt on the wall-
Not yet! This is the chaos which will become my workout room.

12. Organize my photos-whoops, this probably could be lumped under #1

13. Expand and promote my blog-My blog now does  have a Facebook page, but I have not done much work on FB with that.  I've been listening to a bunch of Blogging podcasts.  I will have just returned from Fitbloggin 14 so I should be supercharged for blogging and blog design now!

14. Declutter my house, room by room, area by area-at the moment, it looks pretty bad.  Most rooms of the house are torn apart; there are holes in every wall of the house.  We have drywall repair to do and then that means every room will need to be repainted.  The repainting is fine, the house really needs the painting.  This is going to be a very slow process, but there will be blog posts about the progress here!

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