Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fitbloggin: PT Assessment: Core Work!

Retuning from my Savannah Squares run, the treadmill was open at the Move Forward Booth.  It seemed like a good time as any to get my gait analyzed.  It probably helped that I was good and warmed up too.

I ran for about five minutes or so on the treadmill, while the PT (I think his name was Steve?) watched my body run from the side, the back, and the other side. Then he said "stop" and then went over his short evaluation.

Foot Strike Pattern: Heel striker! Yes, I am one of those!

Hip Extension-is there adequate bilateral hip extension?  This seemed to be okay

Pelvic Tilt-is there presence of anterior or posterior pelvic tilt?  I have a slight forward (anterior) tilt

Trunk Side Bend-during mid-stance, does the participant's trunk bend ipsilaterally (same side) or contralaterally (opposite side) to the striking foot?

I tilt to my left a little while running.  it was an AHA moment!  "So this is why my hydration vest slides off my shoulder, all time, while running?"  It's not the vest,  it's ME?

I asked what would be helpful here, and he said Core Work. Yes, I thought that was kind of going to be the answer.  That's fine, that is something I am being "planning" on doing, now it's time to implement.

Lateral pelvic drop-how much does the pelvis drop to the opposite side of the body to the striking foot-I'm okay here

Knee separation-when running, are the knees narrowly or wide separated-This was okay too

Rear foot position-is there an inward or outward rolling of either the left or right foot-I'm a pronater

Trunk rotation-does the trunk rotate to the left and to the right symmetrically or asymmetrically while running-I am more to the left

Arm swing-does the participant's arm swing to the left and right symmetrically or asymmetrically-again, to the left

Overall, I have pretty good form, which was what I believed.  It was interesting to know I do have a tendency to the left.  I am working on that.

I started the 30 Day Planking Challenge.  Again! I failed horribly in June, but July is a new month.  Knowing I can improve my running form is good incentive to get started on some core work.

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