Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fitbloggin Recap of Sorts & Some Blog Clarity

That title won't win any search engine optimizations..

First thing-I won't be able to remember more than 10 names. And other than Roni, I can't put together the person to the blog name-let  alone their  Twitter handles.

Second thing-I was stoked to see the "Over 40" Small Session!  That was such a good ice breaker and intro to Fitbloggin for me.  It was good to be around some "like-minded" people who are at a certain age where "we don't care" .

Third thing-My word that I got from Fitbloggin was "Acceptance".  Everybody is in their journey, at different stages of their journey.

It was a great adventure to meet a bunch of people who are celebrating life as the persons they are now, not what they are going to be in six months or two years down the road.  It was neat to meet people of all shapes and sizes all committed to working toward or into a healthy lifestyle.

Looking over my notebook, I've got about six pages of various ideas and action plans on ways to improve my blogging/website/branding. I've got books to read, websites to explore, new people to interact with.

Blog Musings

One theme that kept emerging during the various talks was stay true to yourself, stay true to your brand.  Be authentic.

I have to be me. I'm not going to look to brands or companies that I don't have an interest in, or is not something that fits into my trail or ultra world or my definition of fitness.  I don't want to review products that I already know I don't believe in or know it's something that I would never use.

My blog is about my definitions of trail and ultra running, training, fitness and adventure in my world.  I don't see me expanding the blog (at this time) to areas outside of this. Although there will be the "Home Remodel" series, but that's what's going on in my life!

I have felt funny in the past about trying to monetize my blog.  I have kind of gotten over this.
I now know I don't need to sit around and wait for a company for a to knock on my blog door and offer me products or services. I've learned a few ways to promote myself.  I've learned it's perfectly okay to reach out to companies, and I won't necessarily sell my soul to the devil or sell out to "the man".   That's something I can work toward.

I have  realized that I like to tell a story on my  blog.  Perhaps this is why I am not the biggest Tweeter or FB'er.  I like to tell stories, with a start, and finish.  I will continue to do this with my blog-that's what I do. I try to be thoughtful in my blog posts; telling how a run or race went, good or bad. 

I have also decided to move forward with my podcast.  I need to sit down and come up with some SMART goals for that, and a deadline for getting the first one-or five-completed and out there in the interwebs.

Whew! I went from writer's block to having enough content for the next four months! I've got new people's blogs to read, lots of blogging content, I just have to sit down, concentrate, and write!  (It  has helped tremendously that CCS is gone; I've not even missed it!!)

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