Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

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It's Independence Day! This marks out RESET Button for the rest of the year.

It's been a rough six months.  My husband was ill, but is about 90% or so.

The house rewire is done.  The house drywall hasn't even begun, but I'm good with that.

This was the big STRESSOR:

I wasn't allowed to pubicly talk about it.  My husband did not want anyone on-line to know we were down one dog.

My dog was in the hospital from the end of February to June 30.  She cut the pad of her foot in January.  It got infected.  She had several rounds of antibiotics.  We finally took her to Medvets in Columbus, where they put her foot in a big spiffy cast.

We let her run a bit too freely and the cast twisted.  She got more spots on her leg due to the twisting. They got infected.  We took her to the local vet for a dressing change, and he said "take her to Columbus".

She almost lost the leg.  But it got better, because she was under lockdown in a kennel in the hospital.

We visited her about every three days. It's a 100 mile trip.  It took about five hours out of the day, to drive 1.5 hours, visit with her for about one hour, drive home.

Many times I was trying to get a run completed on these days.  That was very hard to do.

I was very depressed.  My other dogs were down too.  I would have fun playing with the at home dogs, then think of her, in the hospital.  I felt guilty.  But what could we do?  She was in the best place in the country.  I've drank and ate more from stress, and also of not being able to articulate myself on my blog.  I've read the comments that I have been whiny, that I'm not my "happy go lucky self"  on my blog.  I did not reply to these comments because of my husband's request to keep her situation off the public domain of the web. I was whiny.  I was terribly stressed.  I was operating at about a 8/10 on a stress meter scale.

The only highlight of the last 6 months (not counting Fitbloggin, which just happened) was getting my three races completed: TWOT, Zion, and my Medina Half Marathon.  At least I had something positive come out.

The girl is home.  She's still on a bit of restriction, getting dog-walked on a leash (she doesn't like that!) but she's home.

She's home.

So this is a reset.  The next six months are going to be MUCH better than the last six months.


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