Monday, July 7, 2014

My Hardrock Predictions

Me on Grant Swamp Ascent, Hardrock 2012

I'm heading to Camp Hardrock on Wednesday, but I'm going to post my predictions before Speedgoat Karl's predictions go live.

After the lottery, my first thought was, The Euros are coming! The Euros are coming! Meaning Kilian Jornet, Sebastien Chaigneau, and Julien Chorier.  Seb and Julien are previous HR winners.

The field is stacked. One, Kilian Jornet won the lottery this year.  I think it's Kilian's race to lose. I wonder who is pacing him.

The are four other HR winners in the race Julien Chorier, Seb, Jared Campbell.  Julien won in this direction.  They would also be in my top 10.

You can't count out home field advantage and knowing the course-and that is why I think Dakota Jones and Joe Grant will finish high also.

I don't know anything about Kabrucki but I would give him a top 10 nod.

My other dark horse top 10 nod would be Jeff Browining. He looks all tough and all, but he shared his crackers with me after I finished the Zion 100 in twice the time he finished, winning it!.

1. Kilian
2. Julien-he won in this direction
3. Joe Grant-course knowledge
4. Dakota Jones-course knowledge
5. Seb
6. Timmy
7. Kabrucki
8. Jared Campbell-former winner of HR AND he's finished The Barkley TWICE
9. Browning

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