Monday, August 4, 2014

Countdown to Uwharrie: Last Week in Training

 12 Weeks to Uwharrie!

After my post Camp Hardrock injury, I finally got back to training.

I did not hurt myself climbing 13'ers and 14'ers, following Gombu around in the dark with blustery rain and wind; but took myself out of the game ten feet from the front door of the house.

I took the dog out to wee in the middle of the night. She's on a leash until further notice still trying to heal her paw.  Being an exuberant two-year-old, she pretty much drags me off the porch.  I went out barefoot-it's grass! I either came down really hard on the porch step, or a I stepped HARD on a piece of wood in the  yard.  Youch.  Stone bruise on the very bottom of my foot.  It hurt pretty  bad just to put weight on the foot.

That took about seven days to heal. No running. Heck, it hurt to walk for the first three days! Coach had said to take it easy after Camp Hardrock, so it was quite easy to just do nothing!

Speaking of the Coach, I am coach-less for the summer. Karl has gone off the grid and is going for the Fastest Known Time on the Appalachian Trail this summer.  He provided me with a (free) 2 month schedule of training while he is gone. Usually I get a week-or two-schedule at a time, so this is a bit different. I'm sure I will have to tweak things now and again.

It's very nice having a schedule for August and September instead of me having to make one up. That has been one of the best parts of having a coach! I've been filling out my training spreadsheet just as if I would be sending it to Karl at the end of the week.  I've also started to record my sleep, as that part of training has been very rocky with the dog's night time schedule.

Training: 6 Runs completed, 39 miles. Only one trail run. (Sigh.) But I completed all my runs, even the one I did not want to do today!  I have also started up my Plank Challenge again, 3 for 3!

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  1. Glad your injury was short-lived. Isn't it ironic how often injuries happen in random ways instead of during a run when you'd think they'd occur?


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