Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coutdown to Uwharrie: Week 10 in Training

26 miles this week!  Not so much.  There was the 18 miler on the Zoar Valley Trail, which was 9 miles out and back.  All road!  It really beat my legs up.  Friday was a rest day, and my calves really ached all day at work.

I worked all weekend.  I was supposed to run both days before work. I did not run on Saturday, and my legs-the calves-were really still aching.  I planned to run Sunday, but I woke up tired, and said the heck with it.

As a result, I felt really good on my Monday morning around the block loop.  Sometimes you do have to just listen to your body and take down time.

I would like to have more miles in before The Ring, but I have to remember that The Ring is also just a very good training run for Uwharrie in October.

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