Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unexpected Viewpoint

The plan was five miles, after work.  I decided to go to Salt Fork, and park in a different location than I normally do.

The problem with Salt Fork roads are: they are all up and down.

Hmm, I thought to myself, isn't that exactly what you need to run on?

In parking in a different location, I thought I would give myself a break. Do the uphill first (this was an out and back) so then I would have the nice downhill to finish.

I parked on a secluded side camp road, and decided to run a little downhill from the vehicle, down to the lake.  I knew the road would end at a "dead end" but that would give me a little flat to run on down at the lake.

We've been in a quasi drought, but I did not realize how much the lake had receded.

 Hey! I could run "on the lake" for a bit!  I was off. It was pretty hard mud for a bit.

 I got my road shoes wet crossing these little inlets, but who cares!

 I was super stoked through this section. I saw such different views, being OUT in the lake.  You don't get to see this from land.  It was an entire different perspective, and view, just a 1/4 mile out in the lake.

 I ran as far as I could.  Then the mud started to soften up more, and I turned back.
 What a little pick me up, one mile into my "road" run. An unplanned, little "off road" venture.

I continued past my vehicle, UP the hill, so I could then run back down my hill to my vehicle. It was hot, and humid, but luckily I had brought the bug spray.

It's good to have a goal event in sight again.  The Ring will be nothing but humid, training in the humidity will set me up to be ready for it!

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  1. Very cool, running on a lake bed. Talk about a different view!


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