Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where the UTG actually visits the Trails

I got out this morning for a TRAIL run.  It was more of a trail hike and slog.

With Alice still on restriction-which will continue for a few months until she is healed-the idea is to stay close to home. At least Salt Fork State Park is close to home.

The schedule said 10 easy trail miles. I decided to run the White Bridle Trail backwards to the route I usually take.  I also wore capris, since I figured the trail would be very overgrown by now. Good call!

 I wasn't really satisfied with my Hoka Kailua Trail shoes at Hardrock, on the rocks. With The Ring looming, I bought a pair of La Sportiva Ultraraptors, which has a better sticky grip on rocks. I thought I would wear them today just to see how they felt.

 I'm not sure what the Markers 1-12 were.  Garmin said the White Trail was 5 miles.

It's always fun to run a route in reverse. You see things that you don't see from the other direction.

 The bridle trail does skirt the lake here.

 Lots of exposure from when the derecho storm went through in 2012.

 I was surprised to see the White Bridle Trail was 5 miles.  I had 10 miles to run..

So I started down the dirt road next to the horseman's camp.  I knew about one mile I could jump back onto the Blue Blazed Bridle Trail and take that back.

About half way through the run, I could feel hot spots on both heels! WTH.  I am now undecided about wearing these for The Ring.  I will try a few more runs in the Ultra Raptors, but I might be back to the Hokas.

It was not a bad run, if I could call it that. Lots of mud led to the fun factor decreasing quite a bit, especially when splashing through the cow patty flavored water in the mud holes!

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