Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ecothon 10K Race Report

[This was the Ecothon 10 K Trail Run, where I fell in love with running on trails last year... But as I drove up to the, I noticed the start/finishing line was right beside where we parked. Uh huh! New course! You could not ask for nicer weather. It was in the 60's, a wind blowing slightly, nice sunny day. A little chilly in a singlet and shorts at the start. The 5K and 10K runners went off together, so it was a bit of a crowd until the two groups split about the one mile mark. My friend, Marina, who I lost at the start, passed me around here saying she was now warmed up, and was at least 1/2 mile ahead of me for the whole race. I almost forgot, this was a cavewoman run for me. I took Garmin out at race time, and noticed the battery was dead! Oh well, time for a race accordingly to how I felt. It felt strange yet liberating not to be starting a watch at the start. Unlike last year's course, this race was completely over strip mined pasture land, over nicely rolling up and down hills. Some really good hills!! It was both pleasant yet boring, as it was a very gentle trail. The footing was soft, due to recent rains, but not muddy at all. I did feel my IT band a bit as some of the hillsides had us on a slanted surface, but I did stretch after the race. I clocked in at 1.11, which was two minutes off last years course of 1.09. Pretty good considering I knew no splits and had no way of monitoring myself other than the race.

1.11 was also good enough for 3rd in my age group!!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Running Dream of the Year

I have some vivid dreams. I remember alot of them. And some of the running dreams (or probaly more like running nightmares are pretty funny.
But last night's dream was just me, out there running in the woods, on some smooth path or trail, just running effortlessly. I hit my turn around spot and headed back, and had to run up some wooden steps at the end. Then I realized I had run 20 miles and only had a 12 miler planned for the day. Then I woke up.

I only have four miles to run today. And no, I am not planning on running 20 accidentally either.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's Decided

My fall 50 mile race will be the Mountain Masochist Trail Run, November 4, 2006. I have told the husband, and will be sending in my race application Monday.
I have plenty of time to run the hills around here to prepare for this run. Bring it!

Road Run Today

Just a 4 mile road run today, around the block. Since we live on a hill, that includes a 1/2 mile downhill, around 1 mile in the valley, then a 1/2 mile uphill, then some more rolling hills on the ridgeline back to the house.

Joing Blogland

Well, well, well, I have finally joined blogland. But first I have to go for a run before I can work on this anymore.