Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shoe Sucking Mud

I went out for a 12 mile trail run at Salt Fork State Park this morning. It was a beautiful morning, about 70 degrees. I got to Salt Fork at 8am, nobody around but the fishermen. I started out on the 'orange loop' trail which the map advertised as 12.5 miles. A good horse trail, except for the shoe sucking mud!

I hit this first patch about 1/2 hour into the run. I was trying to pick my way through this patch, when wham!!! My shoe sank and my foot came right out of it! I yelled "oh shit" and as my momentum kept going, I lost the other shoe to the mud! Now I am standing in ankle deep mud, in my socks, looking at my shoes behind me!
I just started laughing, it was so funny. I plucked my shoes out of the mud, then had to find a spot at the side of the trail to get them back on my feet. I looked at my total muddy socks. There was nothing to wipe them off on. So I just put my shoes back on and hoped for the best! And they were fine, no blisters, nothing. This was a nice trail to run on, besides the mud. This was a little waterfall I encountered.
BUT I would have to say this was nowhere near 12 miles. I finished up in 1 hour 57 minutes. My Garmin said 5.8 miles, which I also figure is inaccurate due to all the tree cover. So I am guessing maybe 8 miles.

This leaves me far shorter than I planned for the weekend, but I will take it.

I did another ice bath after I got home. Ice bath rocks! (Well, after the firs 30 seconds, they do!)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ogden 20K Classic Race Report

This was the 30th year of the Wheeling WV Road Race.
I ran this last year, and this year's course continued to be the same-the "easy" course. (Due to road construction, several of the killer hills were removed.)
This leaves the Bethlehem hill, which is a nice 1.2 mile uphill, and then a tiny little hill about mile 11.7.
I decided to run this as my hill workout. I didn't get over to Wheeling as early as I wanted, and then the timing chips weren't available right away.So I got a 2 mile slow run in before the race.
The weather was beautiful, maybe 60'ish and kind of humid at the start. But it seemed like a cool breeze kept blowing throughout the race, really holding the humidity back.
Although my time was about 17 minutes slower than last year, I felt I had a better race. I just felt good, and happy! throughout the entire run.
These first miles are through a somewhat quiet industrial section of Wheeling. But what was different this year, besides no pouring cold rain, was spectators!! It was so abandoned last year, with the rain, that it was nice and surprising to see all the folks out, saying hello and cheering us on. One man offered us a cigarette around mile 3, and he then cracked up when a fellow runner quipped back that they'd be back in 2 hours!
Mile 4-- the infamous hill begins here. I kept wondering whether I should try and run it, or just assume ultrarunning status and power walk. I kept running, because I wasn't having that much difficulty. I was reduced to a small baby step turnover, but I kept my head and shoulders upright. I did turn it into a power walk briefly, but then hit a 'relative' flat spot and began running some more. Don't get me wrong, it was little more than a power shuffle. I saw so many people just fighting the hil and expending so much energy flailing their arms--it's not worth it!! Save your energy!
Mile 5- 13.53 The rest of the hill
Mile 6 11.20 The long downhill, about 1 mile downhill. I began chatting with a nice man, Mike, from the Pittsburgh area.
Mile 7- 9.46 this must be the rest of the downhill area. I lose Mike at a water station and continue on. I am feeling really strong, really good, and just so darn cheerful!
Mile 8. 10.37 We enter a bike path, which is flat, but it's not that bad. I have caught up to the walkers (there was also a 20K walk, which started 1/2 hour before us.) It seems like there are many more walkers these race, probaly due to the nice weather. It's not so lonely out there, and much easier to pick people off!
Mile 9 10.43. I take my lone gel around here, without any water, and my stomach makes some growls like that wasn't the best idea.
Mile 10 11.17
Mile 11 10.32
Mile 12 11.37
0.48 4.48

All around a good race. I saw some friends pre-race and had time to chat with them.
I didn't stick around for the free luncheon, it was still about 1.5 hours until noon, and I knew I would be home in 1.5 hours.

I got home right at noon and did my ice bath, and my legs feel better already.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who Am I Kidding?

I just signed up for the Mohican 100 Trail Race June 17.
My goal is to run 50 miles at it. (Or, more like 52, to the nearest aid station.)

No more waffling, just focus on the race!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Marietta 5 Mile Race Report

Beautiful weather this morning for the race, about 55 degrees and sunny. This is the third time I have run this race right outside of Marietta, Ohio. It's put on by the YWCA and includes a 1 mile fun run, a 5K Walk, and the 5 Mile Race, and brings alot of people out. Luckily the 5 Mile race starts first!
I wear my Garmin 201 during races, and it helps to see my pace. I actually kept slowing myself down in the first mile-it was nice and cold out, and I just wanted to pound it! but I knew if I blew the first mile I would fade in the fifth, so I kept reining myself in.
Mile 1 in 9.22, good. Having run the course before, I knew it was flat, then we dipped downhill, and then kind of slowly crept back uphill again, then the last mile was pretty flat.
The two women pushing the baby joggers passed me. I just mentally sighed, because I have no frame of reference about these women-they might be 20 year old elites out there. Besides, I was there to run my race.
One of the baby joggers stopped on the downhill and I was able to pass them! (And they never caught up to me again.) Mile 2 was 9.11.
I did a really good job of reining people in. I picked off quite a few runners. Mile 3 was 9.02. I set my sight on the man in Black Shorts ahead of me,and gradually, I moved in on him. We started up the long slight uphill, and I just got closer and closer. He finally glanced behind him at me--it probaly was my ragged breathing.
I caught him on the crest of the hill and pulled away from him and never saw him again! M ile 4 in 9.35.
Woman in Yellow Shorts was ahead of me, and she actually stopped and I was able to blow by her. Some guys were yelling closer to the finish line to push it, which really inspired me to sprint it to the finish line mile 5 in 8.57, overall 46.25!
I knew I really pushed it at the finish line because I was thinking about throwing up!! LOL! Then that passed.
Only negative for the race was there was no food available, and the only drink was Cytomax or GUH20 in little Dixie Cups. There was bottled water and pizza available for sale. Luckily, I do not rely on races to provide,so I had my string cheese, apple, and ClifBar that I had brought (and my own water!)

I stopped and picked up some water and food for the run tomorrow. I hope to plant this before the run, at a spot where the trail will intersect. Of course,the maps of Mohican are not the greatest, and I am not all that familiar with the area yet.
I'm looking forward to the run tomorrow!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Musings on the Long Run Schedule

I am trying to work on the long run schedule for the MMTR. I don't want to overdo it, but I do want to have enough endurance built up. I was stressing for awhile wanting to do the Buckeye Trail 50K at the end of July, but I don't know if I will be prepared for that. So, I am not going to worry about running that race.
It's alot harder finding information on training schedules for ultras than marathons.
I think I am going to keep steady at running about 12 miles a weekend, and just steadily increase from there, and add a longer run on Sundays.
My MMTR Schedule does not "officially" start until July. I think I am going to redo that, and have it start June 1, just as base endurance training.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If it ain't raining you ain't training

I ran 4 miles in Lake Park today after work. It started out as a really uninspiring run. My shins were tight, my thighs were heavy. I was thinking of maybe only running two miles after about 1.5 miles. (whine, whine, whine...) Then, I thought about the whole training commitment, and what is important in training for a long race--being consistent with your training schedule. And I had read somewhere, where a bad run might actually be good training, because you are pulling through the bad things. So, I decided to keep going- I mean, it IS only 4 miles, people!!
I had to duck into a restroom right at mile 3, and when I emerged, it was pouring down the rain. So off I went into the rain, now smiling, now I had no tight shins at all. It cooled off just a bit and it was a nice warm wet rain coming down. No one was on the path, the baseball players were huddled in their dugout. I savored the nice rain coming down and had a great fourth mile back to my car.
When it did promptly stop raining.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

6 Mile Run Today

A beautiful day for a run, in the 60's. I was rather tired, after work, but I changed clothes as quickly as a 120 lb lab and 82 lb chow/rottie dog would let me. It turned into a good run, too, so I'm glad I persevered. I still am trying to build endurance.
I ended up jogging two miles on the treadmill on Monday, I took that as a recovery day. Tuesday I did my core workout and cross trained on the elliptical trainer, since my quads were still a bit sore. They felt fine today.