Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last Chance for Boston Race Report

This was a one mile loop over in Dublin Ohio, in the midst of corporate hotels and office buildings. The loop is totally flat.
I get to Dublin and run into my neighbors, Wendy and Gabe, who I did not know where running this! We could have shared gas costs! Gabe is a new ultra runner (and fast!!) and just signed up for Mohican! This is great for me because now I can get some night runs in with his company. My husband was very happy to know I will running around the woods with a younger man. Isn't ultra running COOL!!!
We get to the starting line and a masked woman waves at me. It turns out to be Nancy, from Medina, who has come over with Kim and Suzanne. (See, I am not the only crazy one...)
It's a balmy 10 degrees at race time. I'm wearing two pairs of pants and three shirts. My headband kind of freezes to my head with the sweat. I'm not the only one with hair icicles. Luckily, there really was only a light wind.
Also out there and running Mo was Jeff from Columbus, and Josh from Cinti, who has signed up for Mohican. They said hi every few times as they lapped me!
I got whiny about mile 12, as my hamstring started hurting. I was dying for some elevation change, to get some work to my legs. I was about ready to run up and down a snowbank. I took my own advice when you start to feel bad, and ate something, and took some Advil. I really was discouraged this loop, and starting to get in a bad mood. I don't really know why, maybe just low blood sugar. Then I overheard someone's conversation "would you run this race next year?" Well, I realized I wasn't running this as a race, it was just a training run, and a way for me to get time on my feet. This helped with my mood (and probaly the sugar and Advil helped) so I just plugged along.

I really don't like road marathons. My knees were killing me. By mile 21, when I stopped for water, my knees kind of locked up on me. That was a new experience. So I finished the race by continuing to slowly jog, no more stops--because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back to a running pace again!
I felt worse physcially after this road race than I did after 27 miles of Mountain Masochist. I felt pretty good after the continous ups and downs of Virginia; this flat and hard land of Dublin just plain hurt!
I came home and took an ice bath because I felt I needed it. Now I feel okay, it will be interesting to see how I am tomorrow.
Mentally, this was a good run. It was a good way to force myself to run 26.2 miles. Remind me next to just go run trails instead!!


  1. Kim,

    Way to go! I know how your legs are feeling. Flat paved courses suck! I hope to get up to Mohican sometime soon. Let me know when you have training planned up there.


  2. Great Race Kim! I could never do a loop 26 times. I think I may fall over dizzy.

  3. Great job finishing! I'm with Rob, not too much of a loop person (more than 3 that is).

    I also wanted to say hi as I just came across your blog and found it very inspiring... someone who has done WW and took up ultras... both of which I am interested in :)


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