Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Regis Shivers Sr.

My friend Regis passed away this morning. I don't know what else to say right now. I tend to get really quiet after a death, just kind of in shut down mode.
I have known Reg for the last two years but really don't know so much about his running history. I know he was a very good runner. He ran Mohican 10 times and earned his 1000 belt buckle. He ran the Appalachian Trail and completed it. I know he ran numerous races, including Punxy,Buckeye Trail, JFK, Mountain Masochist, Massanutten, Arkansas Traveller, Rattlesnake 50K-oh who knows what else, I didn't even know about some of these until I "googled" him. I know he was very proud about his Double Moe in 1999.

Reg was always happy to have me ask him for advice, even as I asked the most bone-headed newby questions. I never felt stupid or awkward asking him things.
It was always great fun to ask him questions about Mohican, since he knew the course so well. I think he really enjoyed those talks and questions, because he knew how much I loved being out at Mo. It was fun to ask "hey, I took a wrong turn on the hill past Rt 3, the hill that is like Two Beer Hill in Punxy, what did I do"? And he knew exactly what I was talking about.

One of my most happy race moments is in the picture above. I was just coming into the Grist Mill Aid Station. It was about ninety degrees out, no lie. I watched the womam in front of me turn into the drive and people greeted her. I felt very "ultrawhiny" at this moment; I had no one crewing for me, and had no relatives out there to cheer me on. So I turn into the drive for the aid station, and Reg is standing there in front of me! I was amazed and so pleased to see them! I have no idea WHY we were laughing so much-that I was still in the race? Still crazy enough to be there? That was a huge pick me up. And then, little good little ultrarunner fairies, Di and Reg continued to pop out ahead of me at all the aid stations. In fact, they even drove my butt back to the campground after I dropped!
Reg even got a run in onthe 2006 Mohican Race. Our friend Rich, was fading a bit at the fire tower. His wife Wendy, Di, and Reg were discussing options. One was to send me out with Rich. Okay by me. Reg decided to go. In the darkness with no light. He hadn't run in months. So Rich and Reg ran off into the night for the four mile section from the Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge. I am so glad he got to experience his beloved Mohican for one last time.
I miss you Reg, and will be thinking about you when we run on Mohican this Sunday. I bet we'll have some good conversations talking about you.


  1. I think your post is a fine dedication to a great runner!

  2. Well said Kim.

    Great picture by the way. :-)


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