Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Misc thoughts from Umstead

1. Practice eating things you wouldn't normally eat. The normal foodstuffs you have ingested...might not be so interesting 24+ in. I can eat PB&Ritz; crackers usually; I love them! But I wasn't so interested in them at 8am (26 hours into race).
2. Practice eating different things. practice practice practice! I found the "Pocky Sticks" that I love (eating them now) I did not like eating while out on the 100. Consequently, it was all I had to eat between aid stations on loop 4, so I really didn't eat.
3. Note: I did NOT try eating hamburgers or hot dogs during training runs. However, it sounded good at the aid station, and since I have a pretty good stomach, I thought it was worth it to get the calories into me. I did recognize early on I need calories into my body. And I didn't have any problems with the hamburger, hot dog, pizza, soups, that I ingested along the way. So should I have eaten that hamburger and/or hot dog? Those are questions you will have to answer for yourself on the run. I felt they would not affect me adversely; and I needed the calories. It turned out to be the right decision for me, but that is just an experiment of one!

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