Saturday, April 7, 2007

Thinking abou the Future

Okay, first post after Umstead about races:

April 14 or 15th-run the Orange Loop on the Mohican Course;

April 20-mebbe: 20K run in WV, the The Big Bear 20K

April 28: 10K Trail Race at
The Wilds where I discovered trail racing. The start of all my passion. I may not actually do this, I may go over and run at Mohican, but I have to give a shout out to where this whole nonsense passion of mine started at.

May 6? The Flying Pig Marathon in Cinti? Talk to me people. Who is running this? Can we crash at Josh's place? Can I ride with someone? This might be a good training run. And I've been wanting to run the Pig for the last few years.

May 11 12 13-Mohican Training Weekend. As far as I know right now, run the road portion out and back from Rock Point Friday night; then the other sections the rest of the weekend. I'm sure Roy and I will talk and get things planned out. Roy and I somehow seem to be in charge of this.

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