Saturday, December 27, 2008

The tide has turned

I believe! It's been almost 20 hours since I spent any quality time in my bathroom. I did manange to read about half a book, "River of Doubt" whilst being sick. It's a good read, about Teddy Roosevelt's bungled trip exploring a river in the Amazon Forest in 1912.

I think I will get the dogs out for an early walk, and then attempt a 4 mile walk around the block. I would say run but I don't want to crash myself. A nice fast paced walk would make me happy at this point.

I seemed to have weathered this sickness with a 6 lb weight loss. While not thrilled how it occurred, hopefully I can capitalize on this and keep eating healthy. That should not be a problem, at least for today. Toast is looking exotic for breakfast again!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Still Sick

Realized I've now been laid low since Monday afternoon and rapidly getting tired of this.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Race Waffling

Ok, after Nick's ultraholic tagging, that made me look into the 2009 Applachian Crossing. This is only for members of the West Virginia Trail Runner's Club. This is a four day epic adventure across the Eastern Continental Dvide. This is around 120 miles, up and down mountains, Sept 3 through the 6th. I am definitely in for this. I have a running partner lined up; as that is one of the rules you have to be with another person for safety.

So this brings me to the question of running Burning River. It's the first weekend of August. I usually recover pretty well from 100s so I should be ok. But with another person depending on me to be ready to go Sept 3, I don't want to let that person down if I get hurt somehow.

Another consideration is money. The race fee goes up after December 31 for BR. There is no fee for the AC, although it will cost about 100 bucks per person to cover supplies.

So I'm not sure right now if I will run BR. Any comments?

Laid Low

It's my turn at the old stomach flu.No work out yesterday and certainly not today~!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Treadmill Today

I watched "Shaun of the Dead" while treading. The first 60 minutes, I walked, with a 5% grade, increasing that to 10%. That's quite a good workout!
The last 20 minutes, I used the intervals feature on my treadmill. Also a good workout, kept me at a 5% incline, and then 60 second intervals at 6MPH (making me work at a 6 MPH time). That was kind of fun (as much fun as a treadmill can be) so I might try more of the treadmill's built in programs just to mix it up.

Tomorrow is a gym day. I'm going to work on some more efficient moves at the gym.

Shortest Day of the Year

And first day of winter. It's been winter-well winter weather here in Ohio since mid-November with what seems like below normal temperatures.
I ran 10 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Watching "trash TV" helps. I went through "the Biggest Loser" "You are what you eat" and a little "what not to wear".
I wore my Akron Marathon Brooks for the first 5 miles. I developed tightness in my shins, and then decided to switch out to an old pair of Saucony. I think I will keep the Brooks for gym work rather than running.

The reason I ran inside was this is "Bonus Weekend" of deer gun season. It still is prudent to choose an alternate route to run. Today will also be another inside run.

I am thinking of a trail run at Salt Fork State Park on Friday, December 26. I have the day off from work and want to get a nice trail run in that day. Email me or leave me a comment if you might want to join in!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uneventful run

Cold temps, about 30, mix of sleet/light snow. Had the "Tin Man" run since my legs are still stiff from the FA Saturday. On Sunday I walked about one hour on the treadmill, and Monday was core work at the gym. I'm really pleased with my core workouts; time to step them up a notch!

The salt trucks were out in full force on my drive home. We're supposed to get hit with snow/freezing rain/snow so at least the DOT is well prepared for this.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I opted for the 50K at yesterday's URINEO FA. I arrived at Mill Creek Park a little after six. To my surprise, there was at at 10-12 vehicles already parked there! In fact, a group of six or eight runners were just heading out. I waved them on, since I wasn't ready-I had to change shoes, add shirts, and arrange items at the Aid Station-aka my vehicle.

I donned two long-sleeved shirts and a windshirt. I knew it was too much clothing, but it was only twenty degrees at the start! I also was wearing a fleece balaclava. I was trying to protect my air passages. After so many hours outside in the cold, my wheezing will start up (it doesn't seem to matter if I use my inhalers or not).
I got under way quickly. It was dark, so I made my way out cautiously. In fact, I missed the first trail turn, and the trail dumped me out on the road! So I ran down the road-after all I knew what I was doing. I turned off my light since I didn't want the park rangers to see me (didn't know if I was there legally or not!)

I heard two loud runners and then spotted Slim and Bob running my way. I yell hi and we all stop and chat. They've already been out since 5AM; Bob is sporting a nice bloody cut on his hand. He's taken a fall and got 'first blood' of the day. They are heading back to greet the 7am runners. I keep going, knowing the 7am runners will catch up to me soooner or later.

Although it's cold, I'm enjoying the run. I've run in Mill Creek Park a number of times, and know where I am going. I pass Volney Rogers field, with its tennis courts and football fields, and start down a long gradual downhill, and
WHAM!! I catch a root and take a full body slam down. I've literally knocked the air of myself. I rip off my balaclava and light and roll to a sitting position. I feel like throwing up. My knee is hurting horribly. I finally get by the tossing cooky feeling and roll over to my feet. Nothing is broke. Is my knee sprained? It still hurts. I start limping down the trail. Oh well, walk for a bit and see what happens. I'm cursing myself because I'm only two or so miles into the run! Gradually the knee goes into a throb. But now I'm being cautious on downhills, which I normally take with a good amount of confidence.

Slim, Dave, and Lloyd run by at some point and we get a hi out. Dave and Lloyd are both in MMT this year!

We are running the loop from the Lily Pond to the Covered Bridge and then back. I wore the Garmin, and it showed 31.52 miles for the 4 loops I ran. On the second lap I picked up my camera, and ran a bit of this run with Bob and did some talking. When we got near the Covered Bridge, we had some of the NEO Trail Runners on the other side of the creek and got some talking going on. I readied my camera for a group photo-and found the camera non-functioning due to the cold-batteries not working! Yes, it was still that cold!

Rich opted to turn and run with Bob and I, as we hadn't talked much in a long time. Also, Jeff and Frank had caught up to us, so we had merry little group of runners along for a while.

About the end of loop two, the other runners have gotten ahead of me. I'm hitting a bonk. My hip flexors are hurting alot-maybe I've been overdoing the weights,and I'm suddenly out of energy. Luckily, I'm back at the vehicle soon, and I get a bunch of food and some ibuprofen in. I get back on the trail, and catch up with Rich and Bob in a few miles. They're walking (which is almost a jog for me) and we end up walking most of this lap.

This is a valuable to me, because I think I am walking faster than usual. (I need to look at my Garmin data) And I think the walking was good, because I didn't feel as fatigued as I normally do starting loop 4.

Bob and Rich (and almost everyone else) were done with their 50Ks, while I still had another loop to go. This didn't bother me at all, so I think I've developed a little more running toughness. Sure, I would have loved to been done and drinking a little home brew, but I was out on a 50K run today, and that's what I was going to get in. So I ate quickly, and headed out on lap 4.

I picked up my Zune for this, since I knew I would be alone, and put on a running playlist. I also started eating chocolate espresso beans, which did huge things for my mood!! And fatigue factor. I still felt good out there on the trail, although the sunlight was turning down setting now.

As I crossed the Covered Bridge, I noticed a family trying to take the "timer photo" so I stopped and asked if I could help them. They were very happy to get their family Christmas picture (they were a cute couple with a baby) so I felt good about that unplanned two minute stop.

I just kept counting down the various little points on my last loop. I ran into Slim on the Monkey Trails-he was almost done with his 50 Miler! So after the Monkey Trails, I just had the Stone Bridge, Volney Rogers Field, and then the steel staircase, and then I was just about home free!!!

I clicked off at the Lily Pond at 9.29.59, at 31.52 miles. I don't stop the watch at all, and I would guestimate I spent at least 15 minutes at the AS, so not a bad time.

The trail was in very good shape. It was frozen, and still had a layer of leaves, which meant, if you had screwed shoes, they would dig in. And in some areas, the leaves gave some good traction. There were very small patches of ice (unlike the spring FA, where there are long areas of ice) but very mangeable.

Since I was the last in, and everyone still had a few minutes of free time, five of us adjourned to Jib Jab's Hot Dog Stand (or something like that) for hotdogs and fries!MMMmmm good post ultra food!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Desolation Run

I got out of work. It was gray. Gray, gray, gray. I headed over to Lake Park. It was desolate. Not a soul in site. I decided to take my camera and show everyone the bleakness and total lack of color in Ohio in winter.
So I started snapping pictures. But a funny thing happened. I kept trying to see the usual landscape as ugly, and desolate. But I couldn't. Even in winter, there is always beauty in nature.

I realize as I took this picture that I'm so used to the pool being closed (it's only open Memorial Day through Labor Day) I'm usually startled when I run by and it's full of people!

Heading toward the bridge, over the Tuscarawas River:

Another small pond. I'm running toward Roscoe Village right now:

Sometimes I will run over to Roscoe Village, just to extend a 1/2 mile onto a run:

Usually, it's pretty slow going through here, because of car traffic and running on bricks through the village. It's very pretty in the summer

My tour of Roscoe over, heading back toward Lake Park. The bike trail is very safe; you don't have a cross a road while on the bike path.

The white jugs are luminaries. I might try and get a twilight run in where they've gone through and lit all the candles.

This is the bigger lake at Lake Park. You can rent paddleboats for it. Lots of folks fishing on it in warmer weather:

As I ran back toward the river, I heard them! Murders of crow!! Hundreds of crows in the trees and on the empty cornfield, making a cacophony of sound! I wish I had a recorder so you could hear them!

I kept trying to snap pics of them, as they rose out of the trees, but alas, my camera kind of sucks at that. My camera batteries also became "exhausted" (their words on the screen, not mine) and that was the end of the photo journey.

So, my point is, I was originally trying to show how dank and dark and ugly my area was in the winter. But after a few steps of running, I couldn't do it. The mood lifted and I found lots of wonderful interesting items to look at, even in the middle of a gloomy grey winter afternoon. Must be those endorphins!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy Day

again, here in Ohio. I decided to hit the weights and core at the gym. There wasn't too many people around, so I tried the hanging ab strap thing. You know, this machine and was impressed that I was able to do it. I also tried a different program on the stair master, it almost beat me...but not quite. I luv that stair master!

I've heard that Oprah got fatter is a good
blog post about her weight gain. He's got a good point. Good grief, she's got a personal trainer, a chef, and she still gains weight? It appears she's playing the "thyroid card" which I really can't stand. So if Oprah and her charmed life can't lose weight, what about the rest of the women in this country?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 Mile Run today

Nothing fancy, just four miles in Lake Park. It was cold, about 26 degrees. But it's all comparisions. I'm happy I ran Slim Pickins two weeks ago-hey, if I can run 10 hours in 20 degrees, I can certainly run less than one hour in 26 degrees.

Note to self: either use the albuterol inhaler pre or post run. Even though it was only 4 miles, I did find myself with a bit of a coughing fit (asthma related) afterward. And having the inhaler in the gym bag in the back of the vehicle didn't help!