Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chilly and Hilly

I meant to take pics all along my running route today...

A church about 5 miles into the run. I stashed a Starbucks Double Espresso something or other here, and as I sipped it, I noticed the cannon.

Cannons in the middle of Ohio? Other than some Indian skirmishes, this part of Ohio wasn't involved in any wars using canons..

When I read the plaque I thought it was kind of neat. It looks like it says "The Boys in Blue"
dedicated way back in 1902, so the Civil War must have still been a prescence in people's lives 30+ years later. I wonder if the area had many Civil War veterans. I wouldn't think so, because not many people live down this way! This is still remote farmlands, it must have been far more remote in 1902.

I like this shot. The zombies won't make it far over the hill with this cannon defending the hilltop!

Next little town, if you can call it that, is Gilmore. It's really just a road intersection. I took pics of the abandoned houses falling down here, but didn't post them because it was sad.
This church is sad though. Church for sale. Anyone need a little church?

I continued on my way, and got to my Aid Station about mile 8:

I found these little Amp Shots at the local grocery store. I can't say I really saw any difference in using these, so probably won't try them again.

This was the last pic I got, I was starting on a big uphill. For some reason, probably my stop at the AS, my hands were freezing in my running gloves. I had to keep taking my fingers out and ball up my hands inside the glove for warmth. Consequently, I dropped my camera. And then it froze up on me!!
This was when I started doing a little whining to myself. I was very cold, my hands were red and very cold, maybe I should just call the husband for a bailout. But then, I started up a very big hill. This helped warm me up again, and I switched podcasts that I was listening to. Then I had a big downhill, and I think I was over the half-way point of the run.
I got down by the Tuscarawas river, the lowest elevation, and the sun broke through the clouds, and it actually warmed up a bit! I scared up two different groups of deer, 7 in the first group and six in the second, from their comfortable bedding spots.
I then had one of my last big climbs, from around 789 feet to 1200 feet (this is a hilly route, check out my climbs and drops) and knew I wasn't calling for a bailout. I did get kind of tired in the last few miles, and my hip flexors are a bit sore, but I just need to stretch better.
I'm glad I did this run today. Although I wanted to go to Mohican, my time was better spent getting some good road miles in, since my upcoming 100 miler is more like a road than trail. (It's like a bike path, no single track). I ended up with 24 miles in 5.38 around a 14.35 pace.
Although no smile pictures, I did have the nice post endorphin high, and now I'm very pleasantly tired, as you should be after a good effort!

Feb 28 Run

A nice hilly cold run. Check out my elevation people, I run some hills out this way! Longer report to follow, with some pics.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 Miles

So I took my old fat self to the high school track. 20 miles in 4.07.25 12.35 pace

Friday, February 20, 2009


This has really bothered the point of tears. I'm not sure if it's just my disappointment, or just my whole shit sandwich of a week I've had.

An email I recieved:

"Hey Kimba,Attached is a note Carolyn asked me to forward to you. Can you find another crazy to take on this 120 adventure? I think it is good to have a partner you know a bit and of comparable pace.The Pub Run has fun last Saturday, how was your trainer?Dan

I am pleased to tell you that my friend Jill wants to run the Appalachian crossing with me. She will be contacting you shortly, but I told her I would let you know for sign up. I think it would be best if Kim gets another partner, as Jill is fast these days and we will be doing our training together. I lost my old emails as my computer went down, so will you contact Kim and let her know? When do you need money? Thanks for all of your help! Carolyn "

This is about the Appalachian Crossing.

Reasons I am pissed: 1) Not being contacted directly. My address is on the WV Yahoo Group, if you had any web savvy you would have found it.
2) Being dumped because I am slow-I typed a whole bunch of expletives here, then decided I was better person and deleted it.
3) Not being able to run the Appalchian Crossing-I don't know anyone who is old, fat and slow as me, that would want to run a multi stage day race across West Virginia. And is slow. Did I mention I was slow?

This was just an inopportune time to receive this. I've had chaos at home, with skunked dogs and little sleep; dispointments at work and have had to internalize (as usual) great stress since it's things I can't talk about; little energy to get quality workouts in.

I emailed Dan and told him I was out for the Crossing. Give my space to some young, fit fast runner who has all sorts of people to run with at their speed. Yes, I am bitchy, whining, and complaining.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mohican Run Valentine's Day

Joe climbing up at Little Lyons Falls
Rob climbing up Little Lyons Falls
Wendy in the lead on the Purple Loop
Group photo: Mike, Wendy,Debbie, Regis,Joe, Michelle, Rob, Kimba

Luc was late!

Mike, Michelle and Luc, on the "Forget the PR" section
Debbie, our special guest runner from Phoenix!
Debbie climbing up Little Lyons Falls

Luc at the waterfall at Big Lyons Falls

Luc coming off the trail at Pleasant Dam
Mike climbing up at Little Lyons Falls

Okay, pics all out of order, but that's okay!

Race report: We all got to Covered Bridge right on time, except for Luc, who was late and missed the group photo. We started down the traditional purple loop, with the understanding that we would add the extra mileage and head out to view the "Forget the PR" loop. (but we didn't give Debbie this memo!)

We had the little stream crossing right as we started down the trail toward Little Lyons Fall. I went through the water, up to my ankles, as everyone else detoured a bit to hop across on some rocks. Ha! I knew my feet would be wet soon, so why postpone something that's going to happen in three-four minutes?

We climbed up the falls, and I managed to get some pics of some of the runners. Debbie and I ran down to Pleasant Dam together. As we started on the road section, we heard a "hey! how do I get down there?"

Debbie and I look up, and Luc! is on the short cliff above us. Running in front of us, he somewhere lost the pack and got separated. I direct him over to a safer area (like the actual trail) and we continue down Goon Road together.

We take the "Forget the PR" section, which takes us out to the lodge. As we get there, we meet up with Mike, Michelle, Luc and Rob, and they all take the small loop around the lodge again with us. This is a nice section of trail for the "Forget the PR" course; what's cool is it goes right by the Lodge. You could have family rent on the rooms on this side and they could sit on the little balconies and cheer you on as you go by!

Debbie and Luc both admire BigLyons Falls, and I tell Luc this is a nice short hike for the family.

Debbie decides she is done for the day after her nine mile loop, and we wish her well and were glad to meet her out on the course!

Luc and I head out on the orange loop together. It's in real good shape, but I almost plow directly in a downed tree on the mountain bike trail-good thing I'm looking a few feet ahead!

As we head into the pine trees, I become pretty aware that my breathing is not the greatest. My dumb ass did not use the albuterol inhaler before we started. Nor did I wear my little face mask to help warm up my air before I breathe it in. So now, about three hours or so, I'm not sucking so much air into my lungs, and I'm doing my annoying cough about every four breaths.

Luc waits up for me, so he won't take the wrong turn, and asks how I am doing. I tell him about my breathing, and tell him I'm going to cut some miles off the run. I tell him he can go on ahead, as he's run this section before, but he opts to stay with me. (maybe he regretted that!)

We run past the Hickory Ridge AS turn, and I think we should be seeing the old jeep trail down to the road. We start down a faint trail, but it turns out not to be the jeep trail (that was a little further down) but a little deer trail. I go down it, as the idea is to go down toward the river, right?

So we're off piste! Heading down a ravine toward a cree. The last ten feet were a bit steep; Luc reminded me not to break a bone. I said I wasn't planning on it!

So we get to the creek. Luc wants to know whether we're crossing it and traversing on the other side, and I say, nope, we're following the creek down to the river!

So we're climbing over logjams and walking through the water, and generally staying in the creek as we go downhill. I know this will spill us into the river, and sure enough, we see the river and the trail we need! We're then heading upriver, back toward the Covered Bridge. We finally hit the pavement, at the back of the campground, and I start a fast walk. Luc commented on my fast walk! And I was gratified, as I glanced at my Garmin, that we were at a 14.00 minute pace-whoo hoo the treadmill workout is paying off!

Luc takes off back at the CB, and I chat with Michelle as she returns after her heavy mileage day. I was just getting ready to leave when I get into a conversation with a nice hiking couple from Akron-the lady was a runner herself, and so blown away by our running 100 mile races. They may come out and cheer on the Burning River runners in August!

Conclusion: Two weekends in a row I didn't meet my mileage totals at Mohican. But, it is what it is.I accept it and move on. I will remember my inhaler-use my old trick, and put it in the shoes that I change into on the start of a run, so I can't forget it.

I did get to meet a few new friends on this run-Joe, Mike, and Debbie, and got to spend more nice time chatting with Luc on the trails, so another great run at Mohican!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mohican Hiking Day

The Fresno Running Club (me, Reg, Gabe, Wendy) showed up to run Mohican this morning. Joining us were Mike. The two other runners were Rob Powell and Don Baun. When asked if they were going to run the Red-Green section with us, they smiled knowingly and said they would run along the river.

We all got into a fight as we walked to the trail head...about who would break trail. Wendy took point as I stomped into snow and postholed about up to my thigh and actually fell before we hit the trail..

The snow was deep. About one foot deep. It was tough going up the hill. When we got up the hill, a snowmobile had come through and packed down the trail, which made it okay to run on the trail.

Mikey and I stopped at Bridle Staging, where we could use the facilities. Mikey took longer than me, which led to my advantage in picture taking:

The snowmobiler abandoned us on this section of trail, and now our run had become just a hike in the woods. The snow was deep enough where every footstep brought you down 4-5 inches into the snow. Mikey and I truncated our run after the first water crossing (which was frozen BTW, the driest I have ever come through this section!)

Having cut off this about 3 mile loop section on the red, we were now AHEAD of Regis, Wendy, and Gabe. We knew this because there were no footsteps in the snow and now I was breaking trail!!

In fact, we stopped for our food at AS Rock Point and kept waiting for the trio. So we kept going, in the complete walking mode-or actually the stomping through snow mode.

On our way to the water crossing past Rock Point, I got impatient with the snow which was now about half-way up my calves. Mike agreed with me when I said "let's go off piste, cross the river, and pick up the trail on the other side". Heck, we'd already cut the course, what was a little more? We followed a deer path down the rather steep hillside. At one point it was easier to sit and slide down the hill.
As we got to the bottom, we heard Reg talking (natch) and they spotted us in the hollow below. They continued on the trail as we walked through a deer bedding spot where they were bedding spots for at least 15 deer. We got back on the trail right past this, and headed up hill.


and Gabe (his quads look much better in the group photo!) finally caught up with us here. We stayed together for a bit as we marched uphill. The snow was still deep.

The trio got away from us again. As we passed South Park, and rehyrdated,Mike mentioned taking the Forest road instead of the trail. I heartily agreed, as the snow was wearing on me. So we trotted (and walked) the road back to the Fire Tower, and then back down to the Covered Bridge. We ran into Rob, running UP the hill, just doing some hill repeats for his mileage.

Mikey and I chilled (or rather heated) in his van as we waited for the Dynamic Trio to finish (since they had the key to my SUV). It took the Tough Trio 5.40 hours for a run where they would normally finish in 3 hours. It usually takes me 5 hours for this 21-22 section, so Mike and I were smart to take our short cuts! We were out on the trails around 5 hours, for about 14 miles. We *actually ran* about 3 miles out of 14.

Good time on our feet. A splendid day on the trails-weather in the 40's for our hike. Wonderful time spent with Mikey~!