Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 1000th Post

I've made it to 1000 Posts. When I started "Ultra Newby" back in the day, in 2006, I was an ultra newby. Heck, I still think I am an " ultra newby". I still have LOTS to learn. Well, back in 2006, I was about six lbs lighter than I am today (because I'm talking about struggling with ten lbs to lose on the blog) so I am way pleased with my 2010 weight loss.

I've been re-reading a few early blog posts. They're very amusing. Like this: "I think I am in love with Mohican. I have a serious love affair going on with the trails. I feel like Robin Fry." (It's still true, I'm still in love.)

And this is classic! The night before my first 50 miler/100K at Mohican:

"I arrived at the campground around noon on Friday, immediately met up with Sherry Meador from Alabama, got my tent set up. I gave Sherry a driving tour of course loops then we went back to pick up registration materials and talk with everyone. This was my first real socializing with other ultra-runners-what a friendly, nice group of people. How obsessive-compulsive we all are. I saw people with computer spreadsheets, handwritten pace charts of various times, course maps redrawn—all wonderful fodder for us runners. We even got into the “what’s in your drop bag” conversation. I heard about lots of other races (I heard enough about Massanutten to not really want to ever run it!!!) and got lots of advice. (I don’t know if it was good advice or not, but advice.)"

I guess I feel older, and maybe wiser now. I know lots more, enough to "know better" on some things. You know the old "ignorance is bliss" statement? Very true. When I ran my first 100 mile race, all was good because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Anticipating the second 100 mile race was worse-Because I KNEW what I was getting myself into!

I'm glad I've kept my blog going, in these days of Twitter and Facebook. I like to have the medium of the written word to get my story, my thoughts, my triumphs and failure out there. I like to have a very wide form of media-via words, pics, video, that isn't enough via the FB and I certainly can't confine my words to 140 characters or less.

And thank you, faithful readers, for continuing to follow my blog and sometimes leave comments! Reading through some early 2006, it's nice to see some of the original folks who left comments-Olga, Sarah, are still around four years later.

Will I keep this blog going? Oh yeah. I need an outlet. I may also get my own podcast going, since with the MMT training, there will lots of material to chat about!


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