Thursday, December 30, 2010

20 in 10 Recap

My 20 in 10 Recap. I'm not going into any long detail on any item

* Get my podcast going-did not accomplish. It's on the agenda for 2011
* Finish the WV Trilogy-did not accomplish. DNF'd the 50 mile event. I believe I will be returning in 2011 and I WILL Finish!
* Call my mother more-I hope I did this better
* Read one book a week-not sure if I am reading one book per week, I am reading more overall
* Run a 5K-didn't make it. Didn't want to give up a morning training for that short of a run
* Lose 20 lbs-YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!
* Learn to swim-no. Shoulder injury from a fall prevented this. On the agenda for 2011
* Run a marathon/ultra in a new state-did not accomplish. I stuck around the neighboring states-Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. I did a new race/event in each of these states though.
* Leave blogging comments more-yes
* Go to wine country with hubby-yes
* Implement weight training/core routine-NO. FAIL.
* Run 50 Miles at URINEO-YES
* Complete Laurel Highlands 70 Mile Race-no. DNF around mile 62. I may return in 2011, it depends on recovery after my MMT Finish.

I've got a few items to work on. I will get back on the core routine. Going to the gym may help with this.


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