Monday, December 13, 2010


The winter storm hit here overnight. We only received about 2-4 inches of snow, unlike the northern half of the state which really got the snow.

The temperatures did drop with the storm. It was 14 degrees out.

My husband really did not want me to go outside in this weather. That kind of made me more determined to go. I have, in the back of my head, the thought of upcoming two winter events-TWOT and Reverse Ring. If I am going to run in the mountains of Virginia in February, I better get used to trying out clothing options!

I garbed up and got out the door. Usually I walk for five minutes, to warm up, but today, I broke into a run after about one minute.

It was fabulous! I had just enough clothes on to get a bit too warm at times. Then my road would curve, and I would get hit with the wind, and not be over warm.

I had a big fleecy balaclava on my head, which I swapped out at mile one for my normal headband. I did have sweat-sickles in my hair at the end.

And I ran fast! I PR'd my run around the block, pace was 12.13, better than any previous runs, winter or summer! I just had such a good run. I was so proud of myself for getting out there, and enjoying the blue sky and sun. Very satisfying!

I wore brand new long underwear, from Lands End, under a pair of winter shell pants-like windbreaker pants. I've had the pants for a long time--they now fit again!
Tops-a capilene long-sleeve, then a merino wool, then a wind shirt. I did get a little hot and sweaty now and then, but when I came inside, most of my skin was pretty red.
I wore a fleecy balaclava but had to switch it out for a winter sweater headband. I did get a little cold, up on the ridge top in the high wind, but then the road would descend and I would get out of the wind.
I had some winter Drymax socks and my cheap little stretchy gloves.

I do need to get my shoes screwed! I wore trail shoes, on my back country road. The road is all ice, under the snow. I was able to keep traction by running in the snow, or in the gravelled areas.

Great run today!


  1. It must be contagious, bitter cold (atleast for here) and blustery, had just enough to be warm in the windbreaks and then get punched in the face by the wind. PR'd my loop as well. Thanks for the continued inspiration, keep it up!

    Jay in Raleigh


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