Thursday, December 16, 2010

The First Step

is always the hardest.

We had gone out to lunch, had a great pizza (and no wine!) at the local winery, dropped off a Christmas present to our vet's office, and returned home. I immediately started donning clothing-I knew I had to get out FAST before those rumbling little thoughts took effect...

Two steps onto the road I was regretting it. My hamstring was tight and my tummy was upset. It was cold out.

I started running. I turned onto the side road in about 1/3 of a mile. A cool song came on the Zune. The road went downhill, then uphill. My hands were no longer cold, my legs were loosening up. I was warming up.

One mile beeped on the Garmin. I was good to go.

It's just that initial little mental obstacles you've got to get over.

Incidentally, PR'd this 6.6 mile around the block...that I had just PR'd on Monday.
I have screwed my shoes, so I had much better traction, for this run today.

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