Friday, December 31, 2010

Interval Workout

I did my first interval type workout at the gym last night.

You know I am turning into some serious training machine when I was looking forward to my workout all day long!

The only set back was the Stair Master (there is only one) at the gym was out of order! That was part of my program!

I started out by running a mile at a slower pace to get all warmed up. Then I set the tread to a 10 minute mile pace and ran for five minutes. I hopped off and went to the ellipitcal, for 5 minutes, which was around 0.6 miles.

I then repeated this four times on each machine. On the third treadmill interval, I cranked it to 6.1 MPH, which was a 9.49 minute mile. It's funny, with the mindset of "only five minutes" how I could hold that pace.

I wish the stair master had been working. I worked up a great sweat (the YWCA was far too warm!) and think I scared some people there.

Oh, and the other added benefit of working out at the gym? I finished up, then remembered to get my stretching routine in also before I left!

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