Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Slim Pickins Time

Hey, I already wrote about Slim Pickins, over here  so if you haven't been following along, this is what I have been doing, the weekend before Thanksgiving, for the last four years.  That makes it a tradition,don't you think?
Another weekend of running trails with my friends. On the ultra cool trails of the Laurel Highlands.  I've been thinking about buying a little real estate, or a little bunker over this way. That way, the husbands and dogs could come along, and I would have somewhere to crash after running in the Laurel Highlands.  (And NEO TC would have somewhere to crash also..)

I am planning on meeting Cam, Jim, and Eric around noonish in Ohiopyle to do some trail exploration on Friday.  Then to inhale dinners and beers and meet up with more runners, for the big push on Saturday.

Saturday is the Ohiopyle 50K, the double out and back.  Run from Mile Zero, to mile 8, back to OP. Then do it again..  Sounds easy? Well, maybe so, maybe not.  There is about 7400 feet of elevation on this section of The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.  This is the portion we like to use for Massanutten training, since it's the hilliest trails we can get without travelling farther south.

It's going to be fun.  Should be a post Sunday, with pics to follow later!

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  1. That is one TOUGH out and back! Luckily it's so gorgeous you don't mind too much.
    Have fun!


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